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Pixie's story
Episode 3

I can't believe he said...

The next morning Pixie lept up and ran to 2-D who was making himself some breakfast.
'So did ya mean it!?' She smiled.
'Err... sorry to burst your bubble but... I said if you were older Pixie, you're not' Pixie frowned. 2-D shook his head and went to comfort Pixie. She mumbled and pushed him away. 2-D looked at her.
'Sod off 2-D'

Later that day Pixie was locked in her room. She had been since breakfast time.
'Pixie what is wrong!?' Noodle called, trying to prize the door open. There was silence.
'Pixie?' 2-D came over to her. She looked at him.
'Maybe it is best if you did not talk to her for a while?' Noodle told him.
'Pixie, I'm really sorry, please come out soon' 2-D said, then walked off. Noodle sighed and followed him. Pixie wasn't atually in her room, she was out.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ