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Pixie's story
Episode 2


In a dream; Pixie is playing her keyboard out in a street. This is what it would have been like for her. She is playing 19-2000, not that she realises it. A figure approches her from behind.
'Are you a Gorillaz fan?' Pixie looks up, 'That is 19-2000, right?'

Pixie awoke. It was a dream, a flashback of her past. She reached for her diary, a lump emerged next to her. Her little monkey friend came out with Pixie's pen in it's mouth.
'Sigh, Norm...' He spat out the pen into her hands.
"Dear diary,
I had the wierdest dream ever... it was another memory of when I first met drack, when he gave me my memory back... but why did I remember it? Sometime's I wonder why I even bothered hunting down my memory but alas, I wouldn't have got friends like Drack, Fade and Noodle then would I? Well... I don't care now, so what if I have a double personality. I am Pixie, and I don't give a fuck."
Pixie sighed and replaced the diary. There was a band on the door as it opened. Noodle emerged.
'Hey Pixie, what you doing sulking like that?'
'Err, hey Noodle... I was...'
'COME ON!' She grabbed Pixie and got her running.
'Noodle I don't have any clothes to change into!'
Noodle slammed the door, Pixie ran into it. (SBONK!) A package slid under the door. Pixie picked it up and opened it.
'Hurry up and get changed!' Noodle yelled. In the package was a beautiful and expensive outfit.

When Pixie came out she was looking like a biker, a true biker.
'HOLY SHIT! THE BIKERS ARE BACK!' Murdoc yelled while running down to the Lift. Pixie and Noodle burst out laughing.
'Uhm, excuse me... I don't think we have met?' 2-D was behind the girls. Noodle turned and smiled.
'This is err...'
'Trixie, I'm 16' Pixie restrained from turning round so that 2-D couldn't reckognise her.
'Oh, right.'
'You're 2-D then?'
'Ah! I've heard alot about you... don't you like Pixie?'
'ACK! I don't love her!'
'That's not what I said... She likes you'
'She does?'
'YEP!' Noodle interupted
'Do you like her?' Pixie quickly asked before Noodle ruined the whole thing.
'I guess... She is a very nice girl but she is more of a little sister'
'Oh, like Noodle?'
'Yes... but if Pixie was older...'
'I see'
'I suppose...' Pixie turned around and pounced on to 2-D causing Noodle to have a giggle fit. 2-D was almost in tears as he grabbed a cig from his pocket and shoved it in his mouth.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ