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Pixie's story
Episode 33

Wanted: Stuart Tusspot

The door was locked, Pixie couldn’t get in. There were a lot of bashes and loud bangs then it sounded as if something had ripped out of the roof and climbed out. The door opened revealing the broken take and blood spread everywhere.

‘What’s happened!?’ Pixie gasped. A man walked up to her and sighed.

‘It’s out of control but we’ll stop it on our own and calm it down.’ He clicked on a small light and held it to Pixie’s face. Her eyes went darker and the man looked at her.

‘You’re to go and get the others and bring them here. We’re having a mission brief and you will complete it with your team; Norman, Pesec and Leah. No questions, got it?’

‘Yes sir…’ Pixie said, in a state of brain wash. She walked to the Lobby and looked around.

Mission briefing starts now.’ She said.

‘Pixie? Is he okay?’ Norm said, grabbing her arms and staring into her dull, misty eyes.

‘I don’t know what you mean…’ She replied. Norm realised that she didn’t know what she was doing and he stuck the chip to her.


The mission briefing was to capture Murdoc Niccals and Stuart Tusspot as they were looking for the secret base.

‘They must be killed.’ The manager said, ‘Hatch C; Pixie, Leah, Norman and Pesec.’ They went to the Teleporter and everyone got in. When they got out the van, most of them took of their suits and revealed the clothes underneath that they hadn’t seen since they got to the base. Pixie flew over to the gun rack and took one out.

‘Pixie?’ Leah asked.

‘She’s been brainwashed.’ Norm said, holding Leah back. Pixie went round the corner and there were several gunshots. Then Norm let go and Leah ran off. She saw Pixie holding the gun to Stuart who was clearly in an awful state. She wondered why he wasn’t running but then she heard him say something.

‘Pixie please put that down, please! What is wrong with you?’ He knew her! She spotted a small purple cape flowing out from behind the bin. She went over and looked at Murdoc.


‘Don’t worry I’m not going to. Pixie has been brainwashed we need to stop her!’ Wolfie appeared behind them at that moment, she had been searching some other streets. Leah looked at her and then charged at Pixie, causing her to drop the gun as she knocked her over.

‘No! Don’t hurt her!’ 2D shouted, shoving Leah away. Pixie was unconscious so Leah explained what had happened very briefly.

‘She’s been brainwashed, the only one of us all, and she thinks you’re a bad person so she had to kill you.’

‘Oh… will she be okay now?’ Leah pressed the chip attached to Pixie’s neck and the metal armour disappeared.

‘She should be now.’ She smiled.

‘LEAH! WE HAVE A VERY BAD CASE OF GIANT-MONSTER-APHOBIA!!!’ Pesec shouted. Leah ran to him in the next street. There was a huge bang and bit of buildings and cars flew around from that area. 2D stared at Pixie as she opened her eyes.

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Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ