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Pixie's story
Episode 32

Wanted: Murdoc Niccals
                                                   (Fighting for Evil)

The next morning everyone was woken up early to go to a meeting. There was a bank robbery happening and they had to get on with it.

‘Pixie, Leah and Pesec you will be doing this mission, hatch B. GO!’ The manager said. Pixie followed Leah to the teleportation room. They all got in hatch B and appeared in the back of a van, outside the bank.

‘What the-’ Pixie looked around.

‘Don’t worry, you get used to it. Step outside and lets get to work!’ Leah said smiling at Pixie.

‘Right, Pixie you go for a sneak attack as you can climb on the ceiling, Leah you block their exit and I’ll tie them up!’ Pesec shouted, opening the doors and running out. Pixie followed and flew inside. Leah glared at him and sighed. Pesec shrugged and they ran inside.


Things were great over the next three months. Pixie got news that her baby would be growing quicker thanks to something they gave it and would be as big and strong as a male vampire of her own age within the next 72 hours. She was telling Norm.

‘This doesn’t sound so good. Have you checked up on it recently?’

‘No… It’s a boy by the way.’

‘A son. Go and check up on him I need to talk to the others.’ Pixie nodded and ran off. Norm walked into the Lobby where everyone was waiting for him. Everyone but the officials that is.

‘Listen; I don’t think we’re fighting for good anymore. Our latest mission is going to be a capture mission for this man.’ He held up a picture of a dirty looking man in his late 30’s.

‘Who is he?’ Leah asked.

‘Murdoc Niccals and he is innocent yet we are to capture him simply because he may cause a threat of revealing out existence. I’m fed up of fighting like this. Pesce, take over.’ Pesec got up and held out a small mechanical chip.

‘This will allow us to remove our armour when we’re outside. I want everyone to wear this and wait for us in the teleportation room. We’re all going to escape. Together.’ They all nodded in agreement and took a chip.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ