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Pixie's story
Episode 31

Pesce the Fish?

‘What’s your name?’ Someone asked. A boy, about Pixie’s height and half fish.

‘Pixie… what’s yours?’


‘That’s Italian for fish…’

‘I know! My real name is Pesec but we all change our names here, its part of the fun!’

‘Oh… well call me Xiipen then.’

‘Okay Xiipen! This is Leah!’ He pointed to a small fox girl, curled up in the corner. She looked about thirteen.

‘I thought you said you changed your names? Leah is a name!’

‘I wanted to keep my name. Greetings Xiipen.’ She said, getting up and walking to Pixie.

‘And this is Mannor originally called Norman!’ Pesce continued.


‘Pixie?’ He shouted, running into her arms.

‘You’re okay! You’re here!!!’

‘Unfortunately… I’m so sorry you ended up here to…’

‘Don’t worry. I just had an operation!’ Everyone ran over to her and asked her what and why and if she was okay.

‘I’m great! I’m pregnant! Well not anymore but it’s still my baby!’

‘Where is it?’ Norm asked, slightly worried for Pixie’s health.

‘They’re taking care of it! I’ll show you!’ She led them all to the Y.R.P or Youth-Raising Pod.

‘Wow…’ Pesce said, completely overwhelmed by the electronics around him.

‘Where is it?’ Leah asked.

‘Oh!’ Pixie laughed and turned on a little computer. It showed an image of some cells.

‘Well what’s in there?’ Leah pointed to the big tank in the centre of the room.

‘It’s in there, only it’s very small!’

‘I see…’

‘Pixie are you sure this is all okay?’ Norm asked her.

‘Completely sure! I can watch it grow and then when it’s ready I can take it home to 2D!’

‘Home?’ Pesce began, ‘You can’t go home now! You’re here. You’re child will be raised as one of us and fight for the alliance. You can’t go home, no one can.’ Pixie ran up to him and whispered in his ear.

‘I’ll find a way’ she kissed his neck and continued, ‘you’ll help me.’ Pesce blushed as everyone ‘wooed’ him and cheered.

‘I… I guess I will.’ He smiled. Norm shook his head.


‘Pixie…’ Norm pushed her a little, ‘Wake up please.’ It was now late at night, at least midnight and everyone was asleep, except him.

‘Wha… Norm?’

‘Pixie I need to get you out of here before it’s too late.’

‘To late?’

‘If you don’t go now then you’ll never be able to!’

‘Norm leave me alone, I’m fine!’ She said, pushing him away. He sighed and walked to the door.

‘Pixie you can stay here for the rest of your life or you can go home to 2D right now.’ There was no answer. Pixie ignored him and went back to sleep.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ