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Pixie's story
Episode 30



December 5th 2005 – Subject BAT – Status PREGNANT


So we’ve just scanned you and you are defiantly part bat… and we also found that you’re pregnant, And only fifteen? So how did it happen then?

Pregnant? Oh… See, I can’t remember quite how it happened, but shortly after I invited the ‘alpha male’ back we ended up naked. Okay, I am only 15 but that isn’t my fault! If my mum and dad had made me a year earlier then it’d be fine. Yes, that’s my excuse. Anyway, we got a bit tired so we relaxed a little, and it was only when I felt a little different and realised he wasn’t moving. In fact I worried a little for his safety, but he was asleep!

‘Hun wake up…’ I called him. He was lost. Really lost in the land of bloody nod. I would give up only I couldn’t move. I really couldn’t, just no will power to do so. Freaky, huh? And yet, I hear my heart thumping and telling me to wake him up but I can’t. He’s cute when he sleeps and I can’t bare to disturb him. Or maybe something else was bothering me? So yeah, I stared at him until I fell asleep. Then I joined him in the land of nod, only, he wasn’t there. Bloody ignorance, that! In actual fact he had woken up a few minutes before I had fallen asleep and only decided to call me when I was asleep. So he did.


Get to the point?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, get to the point. I know. Okay listen I don’t know what happened I just did all that and when he woke me up I asked him why he did it. Because he couldn’t sleep on his back with me on his chest. Then what the bloody hell was he doing before I fell asleep? Meditating? While snoring!? So I told him that he was being silly and stuff. He sighed and I felt bad so I kissed him and moved way, way over to the other end of the bed. Now he was wearing protection, I know it. But he must’ve taken it off. See I got bored and made a move. Bad idea, right? So I end up pregnant. It really isn’t my fault, or his. I’m a pregnant vampire and, as you know, that isn’t good. And you shove me into a bag and carry me to god knows where in the middle of a god damn secret base where I don’t even know what I’m doing!? Thanks.


Okay, well you’re in a top secret place where we bring animal-humans to be tested and eventually put into military use to protect the country. So we would like you to fight for us as part of elite team A23. Err… Do you believe me?

Yes I believe you. This sort of stuff always happens to me. And no, I can’t fight in this state so I’m sorry but I’ll have to reject your offer. If I’m having a baby; I’m having it with the father by my side. Unfortunately I have no idea what you’re talking about and I am not and animal-human I’m a stinking vampire. Anyway; how could you even think of me as being able to fight like this?


Well we do have a facility capable of holding your baby while you relax without the pain or discomfort of having the baby. Basically it’s like a womb.

No. I’m gonna... y'know, give birth naturally with 2D… with the father by the side.


2D? Sounds like a code name. Another animal-human by chance. And how many of these are there, vampire?

My name is Pixie and 2D stands for 2 dents which means he has two freakin’ craters in his head.


Okay well we’re either taking you in as part of the force or wiping your memory.

I’ll join for a while but I’m not doing anything to drastic because I’m not endangering the baby’s life and I’m not putting it in a machine. I’d also like to see the father once more.


That cannot be arranged. We’re sorry to say but the baby will not survive unless put in the machine. You see. For one thing you’re not yet strong enough to stabilise its life and yours and for another; it will be born half vampire and half human with more human characteristics which won’t help it; causing it to either be extremely weak or death at birth.

Honest? I… don’t know what to say… I guess… Put it in the machine. But never speak a word of this again; to anyone outside this... base thingy. I want it confidential. And I’ll fight in your force; just don’t expect me to be overly joyed about it all.


Okay. This way to the youth-raising pod please.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ