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Pixie's story
Episode 29

Underage? Says who!?

Wolfie walked out of the Winnebago looking at her phone when she heard a giggle coming from 2D’s room.

‘Greaaat it’s all gonna be happy families now that she’s back.’ She told herself. Maybe she could break them up again? It was a brilliant idea! Get rid of Pixie and wait for 2D to get over her and then it’d all be great! Her and her adventures with the Gorillaz! No Pixie to ruin it all! She ran down to 2D’s door and looked around. She could hear them almost as if they were in the same room, and she knew what they were doing.

‘Oh my god this is new…’ She sniggered to herself and opened an air vent the led directly to the room. She looked in and got a perfect glimpse of what was going on.

‘Stuart… you bloody-’ Pixie gasped and giggled again.

‘Bloody what?’ 2D raised an eyebrow.

‘Well I don’t know!!’ She screeched. 2D laughed. Wolfie covered her eyes and whispered to herself.

‘This is so wrong.’ She got up and looked at her keys. Maybe she’d have a skeleton key? No chance. There was another giggle from 2D’s room that wasn’t just getting on Wolfie’s nerves, it was biting it. She grabbed the door handle and realised that it wasn’t even locked! Brilliant! She put her ear to the door and heard nothing but heavy breathing. They must’ve stopped… She swung open the door.

‘Hello, what’s this!?’

‘SHIT!’ Pixie shouted, grabbing the covers and hiding under them. 2D put his arm around her and looked at Wolfie.

‘What do you want?’

‘Isn’t she a bit young? My understanding; she’s fifteen.’ Wolfie smiled as 2D let out a growl.

‘Please Wolfie… don’t tell anyone…’ Pixie whimpered.

‘Oh I won’t tell just anyone, I’ll tell the fucking police and see what they say!’

‘That’s low, even for you!’ 2D shouted.

‘Yeah but that’s the thing about limbo, you think you can’t go any lower and you do.’ Wolfie smiled at herself and walked up to the car park.


‘She won’t really report it, will she?’ Pixie asked, moving closer to 2D. He didn’t answer because he knew she would. She was like that. Pixie grabbed some clothes and ran to Wolfie, showing off her wings at full spread.

‘What?’ Wolfie growled, turning to look at her.

‘Don’t call the police, don’t tell Murdoc, and don’t do anything you might regret!’

‘You’re going to make me?’

‘Yeah I am, it’s about time things changed here. You’re not in charge and in actual fact; I’m stronger than you.’

‘But you don’t have the guts.’ Wolfie pushed Pixie out the way.

‘That’s it!’ Pixie shouted, grabbing Wolfie and flying upwards.


‘Drop you? Yes of course!’


‘And let you tell the Police… hmm, no I think I’ll drop you!’

‘FINE I WON’T TELL THEM JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!’ Pixie lowered to the floor and put Wolfie down.

‘I hate you, fucking hell, never do that again!’

‘I won’t if you don’t tell.’ Wolfie stomped off mumbling to herself. Pixie gave a sigh of relief and walked back to 2D.


Life was normal after that, nothing much happened. Everyone eventually found out about Pixie’s arrival. They called Chip who was on his way back. Unfortunately Norm was nowhere to be found. They went out for a party Damon had set up for them all, just for the fact that it was the 1st of December.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ