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Pixie's story
Episode 28

Guess Who!

Later that night Drack decided he should see if ‘Xiipen’ was alright. He pushed open the door slightly to make sure she was asleep. After giving himself the all clear; he swung the door right open and walking in. There were random bits of junk all over the floor, one of which was a little book. He opened it grabbing the small piece of paper that immediately fell out.

‘Kill list?’ he said, dropping it after seeing his own name on there. There was a rustle from the corner of the room where Pixie was, then it occurred to him that he hadn’t actually checked if she was awake on not by looking at her. She could be watching him that very moment! He swung around and looked at her. Then he fell to the floor, which woke her up.

‘Ugh… what the… Drack?’ she asked, pushing herself upright and turning on a small light. He was almost in tears on the floor.

‘I thought I’d killed you but you… you’re Pixie… not Xiipen… I should’ve known but I didn’t see.’

‘I err…’ she couldn’t understand how he had suddenly noticed who she really was; was I her hair? But she’d changed it already! She dyed it red for her birthday!

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ Drack spluttered.

‘Because I was afraid… of this…’

‘I thought I’d killed you. I promised myself I’d try not to… since… err… an event that happened when Fade was still…’

‘Drack this is all well and err… good. But how did you know it was me?’

‘Without your wings… you look like Pixie. You have the same eyes…’ Pixie checked her back, noting that her wings had gone. She leapt up but then thought ‘oh wait, I can’t fly’ and fell to the ground right next to Drack. He saw her back and gasped.

‘What now?’

‘That’s what I did… you have a scar all the way across your back…’

‘Yeah well it’s only a little thing.’ Pixie replied, spitefully whilst pulling her tank-top thing down as far as it would go to cover up most of the stitched up nightmare.


Eventually Drack calmed down. Pixie was now packing her things to return to England.

‘How can you leave? It’s okay! I don’t care who you are! Just please… I…’

‘No I’m going, okay? And that’s that!’ Drack grabbed her arm and attached a small bracelet to her.

‘If it bleeps then walk to an open space and press the button; you’ll instantly come here!’


‘Yeah it’s one of my newest creations!’

‘Okay. I’ll remember. Sorry about it but I didn’t want to kill you if you knew it was me! And now I don’t even want to kill you at that!’

‘Well that’s good to know… and err… if you focus you can easily turn to and from a vampire!’

‘Cool! But why can’t you do that?’

‘Have you taken any blood?’


‘Don’t, if you do then you’ll be stuck as a vampire; and that’s a promise.’

‘Oh… okay.’ She climbed into the teleportation machine and started it up. Time for a family reunion.



‘Oh fuck.’ Wolfie came running into the lobby and right up to Pixie.

‘Hello!’ Pixie smiled.


‘Nice to see you too, Wolfie!’

‘No, listen you! 2D has been crying like a bloody 2 year old and now you have to baby-sit, alright?’

‘Uh… yeah alright.’

‘One more thing; STAY OUT OF MY WAY!’

‘You were happy I was gone, weren’t you!’

‘Stuff you!’ Wolfie snarled, heading in the direction of the car park. Pixie smiled to see that everything was back to normal. She followed Wolfie to the car park, before changing direction to 2D’s room. She knocked on the door and prepared for the worse.


‘Pixie?’ 2D said, standing in the door frame with a hysterical face.

‘Yeah it’s me… Come sta?’ He hugged her as tight as he could and carried her into his room.

‘I missed you so much…’ Pixie said; sitting in his arms as he mindlessly took her to his domain. He practically threw her onto the bed and sat beside her.

‘Why did you go away? Did you kill Drack? I can see that you aren’t a vampire. That means you did?’

‘No I didn’t… I still am a… vampire. I can change though! As long as I don’t drink any blood!’

‘Oh…’ he hugged her again.

‘Where’s Chip? And Norm?’

‘Chip went to your foster family… and Norm is err… somewhere…’ Pixie sighed, realising how much trouble she had caused. She wanted all that to go away now. She wanted 2D to take it away. She kissed him and grabbed the bottom of his shirt.

‘There’s something I want… and just to be sure.’ She said. 2D didn’t understand until she started to pull his shirt off.

‘Pixie I don’t think that this is a good idea…’

‘It might not be… but there’s something I should tell you.’

‘What’s that?’

‘I’m old enough to know better…’ he looked at her as she took a breath and smiled at him, ‘but young enough to do it anyway.’

‘Well that makes it all okay then, doesn’t it?’ he said sarcastically

‘Yes and you’re not stopping me now!’ She pushed him onto his back and kissed him again.

‘We could get into a lot of trouble.’

‘I don’t care.’ 2D smiled at her, she was ready for this, and what better time? A tear gathered in his eye but that wouldn’t stop him from letting her have her fun.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ