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Pixie's story
Episode 27

Radio Ga Ga

‘I’m dead serious! It was Noodle and Russel!!!!’ Pixie claimed, throwing a handful of ‘eggy rice’ at him.

‘Well what are the chances? And why would they be in London?’

‘Well why where they at Manchester? They could’ve picked anywhere! Anyway I think they’re gonna do a radio show.’

‘You do?’

‘Well maybe… let’s see!’ She said, turning on the radio to an English station.

‘So don’t forget to tune in at 8 for the Gorillaz! We have a lot of fans around so we managed to get hold of them!’

‘Bloody hell; coincidence… What time is it?’ She asked.

‘Uhm… seven at night.’

‘Okay so an hour.’

‘Well if you’re not gonna eat this then I’ll…’ Drack began. Pixie ran and grabbed the box of chicken.

‘My chicken!!!’

‘Oh yeah!?’ they both giggled as Pixie flew round the castle with the chicken and Drack tried to catch her.


It was almost time for the radio show and Pixie was lying on the floor, Drack sat next to her eating the chicken.

‘Isn’t that cold?’


‘You weird little boy.’

‘I got the paper!’ He said, giving her a copy. There wasn’t much happening; a review of the Manchester gig but she didn’t need to read that. She got up and turned the radio back on. Ten minutes later the Gorillaz came on. Drack was hovering in mid air; a stunned face and chicken dropping off his fang. He looked a bit strange but Pixie was to busy staring at the radio.

‘And here they are!’ The presenter shouted with joy, there was a lot of mumbling and clapping before Murdoc shouted something like ‘thank you wanker’ but you couldn’t tell.

‘So here we have; Murdoc’

‘Har! Hello there!’


‘Konban wa!!!’



‘And of course; the worlds favourite cartoon singer, 2D!!’

‘Uhm… ello…’

‘So tell us about Dirty Harry, that’s your new single which I must say sounds brilliant!’

‘Well, y’know it’s just a great song so it doesn’t really matter about whether it gets into the top ten because it’s a “really soul filling” song; people will buy it ‘cus it’s GREAT!’ Murdoc called, Drack managed a smile before going back to his brain-washed state once again. Pixie was wondering about 2D who did sound a little sad.

‘But err… however it is a very soul filling song because it does have a great rap buy bootie brown who is… uhm, has a sense of a filled up soul which of course is why it is a soul filling song!’ Noodle said, going against everything that Murdoc had just said, ‘Plus it was one of the very first tracks that I worked on with DJ Danger mouse!’

‘Yeah… I got to add a little sharp edge using my drums! And 2D did some great clavinet keyboard rhythms which, err, he claims he got from Sesame Street.’ Russel added. 2D mumbled an agreement to that but it didn’t sound all to convincing,

‘Mmm-hmmm… yeah I did that and I err… yeah, it’s cool, ain’t it? I guess…’

‘Really now, D, cheer up we’re on the radio for Satan’s sake!’ Murdoc shouted. Pixie got up and turned off the radio.

‘Xiipen?’ Drack said, finally coming back to him usual self. Pixie just walked past him, ignoring him or maybe just not hearing him. She closed the door to her room and got ready for bed.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ