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Pixie's story
Episode 26

The Noodle Bar 

The next morning Pixie awoke in tears. She had been crying all night long about the dream she had. The dream she loved and yet loathed at the same time. She was fifteen years old, came so close to loosing her virginality and had been ripped apart and put back together backwards. She could hear his voice calling through the castle. He was singing. 2D was singing to her. Then it stopped and another song played.

‘Drack… Drack you will never know, yet you play the songs that I loathe and yet loved once not so long ago.’ She said, getting herself out of bed and out the room.

‘Drack do you have to play Gorillaz songs right now?’

‘Yes, it makes me feel happy! Don’t you like them?’

‘I used to…’

‘What happened?’ She sighed and smiled at him, when he spoke to her like a friend she had to tell all and that was her problem. She was weak yet she had the will power to hold a knife above his head, just not the heart.

‘Okay, once I was with 2D but I ran away’ now she had to lie to keep her cover, ‘but when I heard about Pixie dying and he was so upset so I came to get revenge. You were right; you ruined his life, her life and probably the band’s life.’

‘Oh…’ She went over to him and hugged him.

‘Maybe I don’t want to hurt you, I did but now I see you I wish not to. It would be an awful crime to do so, especially when you’re so nice but you did this to me.’

‘Did what?’

‘You’ll know one day; I’d tell you but for now its best you don’t know.’

‘Oh, okay.’ She looked around for the kitchen.

‘Where was it?’

‘Uhm… no, we’re eating out today.’ He said, getting his coat and walking to the door.

‘Hmm… okay, but I’m not a big fan of Italian food.’

‘How about England?’

‘Please, I’m not flying all the way back.’

‘No need, the door will take us.’ Pixie looked as he opened it and there it was. England.


‘Perfect!’ She shouted, running out the door and breathing the fresh English air.

‘You have an English accent, don’t you?’ Drack asked.


‘So I guess you miss the smell then.’

‘The air feels different here, more homey.’ Drack shrugged and walked down the street, his wings packed tightly in his coat. Pixie couldn’t be bothered to hide her wings; it was almost bonfire night but everyone was dressing up anyway. He took her to a Chinese take-away. She looked in and spotted a big person. He was black and had the weirdest dress sense ever.

‘You get the Chinese and I’ll go get a newspaper, I don’t suppose you can read Italian so I think I’ll get it while we’re here.’

‘Okay…’ She agreed. Drack quickly walked off leaving Pixie staring in the window at the large man. Her attention turned to a small girl with black hair that glowed violet in the light. She was wearing a Japanese top and anime shorts.

‘Shit…’ Pixie said. She put her hood up and walked in, holding her breath.

‘How may I help you?’

‘Erm… I’ll take…’ She said, unsure of what Drack would eat. She spotted the Japanese girl looking at her. Looking at her wings. She looked at the menu and decided.

‘Noodles, eggy rice and chicken please.’

‘Okay, take a seat. You two as well, the chief is making a fresh lot.’ The person at the counter said. Pixie sat down and the Japanese girl sat next to her.

‘Shit, shit, shit, Noodle you shit!’ she thought as she spotted the quiff of hair hanging over the girl’s eyes.

‘Excuse me but… are you from Italy?’ She asked, kidding herself that every winged vampire came from Italy. Pixie looked at her but tried to keep hidden.

‘Err… I am.’

‘Oh… do you know of Drack?’

‘I do.’

‘Do you know of Pixie? She has gone looking for him.’

‘Yes, I believe she was with him today.’

‘Oh good, so they’re both okay… could you tell her that 2D is very upset.’

‘I think she already knows…’

‘Oh? Do you know her well?’

‘I know her very well. I know that she is upset. She said she was there to kill Drack but she can’t, however there’s no other way for her to become normal again.’

‘Hai… I heard about that. Well, it looks like the food is ready so we better go. Maybe we’ll see each other again?’

‘Noodle, you want to know how I saw Pixie and Drack this morning in Italy, yet I am here now?’ Pixie said, eager to show off her knowledge of the door in Drack’s castle.

‘No thanks, I don’t even want to know how you knew my name, Trixie.’ Pixie looked at her and gasped a little.

‘How did you know it was me?’ She mouthed.

‘It was a little obvious, your top says RIP. But don’t worry, you do what you have to but remember; 2D misses you greatly, please don’t be to long, I can’t stand his sadness.’


‘Oh and’ Noodle looked back at Pixie just before she opened the door, ‘We’re on the radio tonight at 8.’

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ