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Pixie's story
Episode 25

Paola? No, Mi Chiamo...

She put her hands in front of her, hoping to reach a stable surface. Her wings grew tired and she was hungry. She had stopped flying only once since she left England. Her body collapsed onto a building top. Her breathing was heavy and exhausted, there was no energy left.

‘Vampires cannot die…’ She hissed at herself; lying on a building top choking in self-pity. Her arms tried to pick up her feeble body and carry her to the edge. She looked down at the world around her and smiled. She was in Rome.


To be honest, he wasn’t bothered. He knew it was important and his farther wanted it of him but he couldn’t be bothered. He had never truly been bothered and had only gone for his own benefit but now he saw no reason. If he had killed someone then he had turned cannibal. Cannibal; that’s what he thought of himself. He had killed another being and taken its blood. That wasn’t how he wanted to live. But not going meant he had to stay in his castle for the night, if he was seen outside during this most important ceremony then he would’ve been torn down the middle. He wasn’t welcome around the world now; a freak in many countries and a traitor in others. And then that feeling. He was in his home, where he had lived with his good friends. One had died of a brain tumour that he already knew about inside. The other was a victim of death. He had killed her. Now he had lost his two good friends and felt so sick; he couldn’t bare look at his pictures. He wasn’t interested in anyone or anything, he still cried when he though about how 2D would be taking it. He just didn’t want to be in a relationship at that moment in time. That’s when he heard the bang on the roof. Something had crashed there? He lifted his wings slowly and flew out to the roof.


‘Ah! A… a… vampire?’ He shouted, almost loosing balance.

‘Your point? Wait a minute… Drack?’

‘Uhm… do I know you? I’m afraid I’m not too good with names at the moment so you’d have to refresh my memory.’

‘Err… I’m here to… to err…’

‘You’re a girl…’ He said, picking her up. She tried to stay balance but fell into his arms. He got a little uncomfortable with her and immediately tried to straighten her up so she could walk. He flew up a little and asked her if she wanted to come inside. She nodded and used her inexistent energy to carry her inside.

‘Ow…’ she whispered to herself in the light, Drack could see her more clearly and suddenly realised who it was he was talking to. Or at least, who he thought.

‘You look like… but I know you can’t be; it’s impossible.’ She looked at him worrying if he would know who she was.


‘FADE!?’ She shouted, grabbing him by the shirt and shaking him vigorously.

‘Well I thought, you’re wearing that hoodie and you have red hair and the expression on your face is all the same… do you know who Fade is?’

‘Was… yes, a good friend of mine, and yours too.’

‘What is your name?’

‘P-… it’s not important.’

‘Yes it is. Pi? Paola?’

‘No it’s…’ She tried to think of an anagram while mumbling Pix to herself, ‘Xiipen’

‘Xiipen?’ Drack said, noting her muttering of the word ‘Pix’


‘Okay, well that’s a nice name and don’t worry about it, at least you’re not called Pixie because… well let’s just say, she died also.’ It was Pixie though. Pixie was standing in the castle, in front of the person who attacked her and probably ruined her life forever. But now he was saying she was dead? It may be somewhat true that now she wasn’t Pixie at all, she was a vampire and had to live under the name of Xiipen.

‘Dead? Wha… what happened to her?’

‘Uhm… I’d prefer not to-’

‘What happened to her? You think I’d go blabbing everything to everyone? I don’t know anyone around here except Louise but I don’t even know where she is! I’m staying with you for a while and then I might kill you but it depends on how I feel.’

‘Kill me!?’ She sighed; she had just blabbed her whole plan.

‘Listen. You killed Pixie, didn’t you?’

‘Uhm… yes… how did you? Is that why you want to?’ He gulped.

‘Yes, I want to kill you because Pixie was my dear friend and you killed her you bastard!’ Drack couldn’t reply. He just sat on the floor in tears.

‘I ruined their lives!’

‘Wow, no, wait a minute…’

‘I ruined the life of her by ending it; by ending it I ruined the life of the one she loved and by doing that I may have ruined one of the best bands in this entire universe!!!’

‘2D…’ she gasped. He looked at her and wiped a tear.

‘How did you know?’

‘It doesn’t matter, I’ll get to my room.

‘Your room?’ He asked as she flew up and went into the room Pixie stayed in a couple of times before. She locked the door and set up her things she had carried in her pocket. Her book. That was it, her book with the list of people to kill. That was all she needed.


Not quite.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ