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Pixie's story
Episode 23

He Had Been There Before

It was time that they returned to Kong.

‘WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!’ Pixie called as they came back through the loop. She wasn’t too scared this time; in fact she was enjoying herself quite a bit. Wolfie was sat in the front with Murdoc this time while 2D, Russel, Noodle, Pixie and Chip were stuck in the back.

‘So go on then, what’s the new single? I’ve been without TV or radio for god knows how long and I’ve been dying to know!’ Chip asked.

‘It’s Dirty Harry!’ Noodle shouted with joy.

‘Haha! The sequel to Clint Eastwood I guess?’ He laughed. Noodle laughed with him.

‘You were right, she really does like you!’ Pixie whispered to him.

‘Well, I don’t blame her!’

‘That’s very big headed of you. But yeah, the video is awesome! We’ll have to show it to you back at Kong!’ 2D lit himself a cigarette and relaxed in his cramped space. Russel was eating all of the free mints he had collected from his band mates and friends. Wolfie was questioning Murdoc about his friend Satan and Murdoc was enjoying the company of his clueless girlfriend rather then the dullard he normally had to put up with. He was also enjoying the squashed condition he had left Pixie, 2D and their new friend Chip in.

‘So do you perform rituals and all that shit?’ Wolfie asked.

‘Well, sometimes, depending on what and it isn’t all shit.’

‘No, it’s fuck-shit’ Murdoc started laughing.

‘I like your style Wolfie, hehehe, I dunno, fancy another early night tonight?’

‘Ah, sure! Chip can sleep in my room or something, I’m not bothered.’

‘Hear that French-fry? You’re sleeping in Wolfie’s room tonight!’

‘Uhm… okay…’ Chip replied.


When they eventually got back they were greeted by a boy. He was about Pixie’s height with long hair and a red sweatband round it. He was holding a bass guitar and had his tail wrapped around it.

‘It’s Norm!’ Pixie called, jumping out of the ‘geep’ and running to him with a big hug.

‘Hey Pixie, I said I’d be back, I was hoping you hadn’t run off!’

‘Norm?’ Wolfie asked, going up to him.

‘Hello there… uhm…female human.’

‘My name is Wolfie.’

‘But you aren’t a Wolf…’

‘Norm, her name is Thorn but her nickname is Wolfie.’ Chip said, observing the monkey-boy’s name and the basic conversation going on.

‘Oh… and you are?’ Norm said, staring at Chip’s hand that was being held out. Chip was offering to shake hands but Norm just smiled and poked it.

‘I’m Chip, I play drums.’ Pixie smiled like she had just discovered a cure for cancer.

‘I sing and play keyboard, you play drums, Wolfie plays guitar and Norm, you play bass!’

‘We have a band!’ Wolfie shouted.

‘Oh god… we don’t want all that now, do we?’ Murdoc said, they looked at him wondering what exactly he meant.

‘We don’t need competition from you lot, do we?’

‘Competition? It’s not like we’re a brilliant band, I mean, a big-head, a brat and a zoo animal?’ Wolfie laughed. She walked over to the Winnebago and beckoned Murdoc. 2D went to his door and Noodle went with Russel to their rooms.

‘Okay, Chip and Norm we don’t really have anywhere for you to stay so you can have my old room for now.’

‘Okay.’ They nodded and went over the direction board. They found ‘Pixie’s room’ scribbled on. It had bit crossed out and ‘Wolfie’s room’ had replaced it. Norm knew it was the right room, he had been there before.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ