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Pixie's story
Episode 22

A Thorn in the Back 

The next morning Chip was knocking on the door.

‘Yeah, what?’ Wolfie grumbled, opening the lock and then the door. She stared into Chip’s eyes. Pixie came up behind her and saw him.

‘Alright, Chip?’

‘Yeah! I thought you said you hadn’t seen Fawn lately?’

‘Thorn…’ Wolfie growled.

‘Wait… Wolfie, you’re Thorn!?’


‘Pixie, you really are loosing it! So you’re Wolfie now, are you?’ Chip asked.


‘Wolfie are you happy to see Chip?’ Pixie asked, almost turning it all into a joke.


‘Are you just being polite and really hate the fact that you’re face to face with your x-boyfriend?’ Chip laughed, going along with the joke.


‘Can you say something other then yes?’

‘SHUT UP PIXIE! FOR FUCK’S SAKE WILL YOU JUST KEEP IT SHUT!’ She screamed, punching Pixie in the stomach.

‘Aaargh…’ She coughed, winded badly.

‘Wolfie! Why did you do that!?’ Chip shouted.

‘She is a dullard, just like her boyfriend.’ Chip ran to help Pixie out, Wolfie grabbed her, ‘Don’t worry Pixie, its okay!’ she growled in her ear before walking back inside. She stopped and looked at Pixie, gasping for breath with her back turned to her. She thought about punching her in the back and the wind seemed to do that for her. SMACK! Right in Pixie’s scar. She fell to the ground, almost in tears. Chip ran to get 2D who arrived in no time at all.


‘Did she get you in your scar?’ 2D asked.

‘Scar?’ Chip quickly said.

‘She has a scar along her back, it’s fairly recent but we’ve been careful not to damage it further. Pixie coughed up some blood to which 2D held her and let her hug him.

‘I hate… that… bitch…’ she gasped. 2D held her tighter.

‘Wow… I’m gonna go talk to Wolfie…’ Chip said, walking off quickly.

‘Sometimes I think she’s worse then… her… but I know she has never and will never… hurt you…’ She coughed.

‘Worse then who?’

‘…Paula…’ She sighed. She felt a weird pain in her back now, like something was trying to break out. She coughed up a little more blood.

‘Okay, I’m gonna take you back to our room…’ 2D said, picking her up and carrying her away. She suddenly thought about two things. The night she was in the hospital she had attacked people, and she was sure that she had wings and fangs. Maybe she was a vampire? The second thing she was thinking about was the fight with Drack. He had bitten her. He was… he is a vampire, he had bitten her, she was infected!

‘2D…’ She said, as he locked the door of their room behind him.

‘Yes?’ 2D asked, putting her on the bed. She crouched and took off her top. 2D looked at her.

‘I think…’ she said, giving in to the power pushing out of her back, ‘I’m a vampire…’ Wings came out of her back.

‘Wow… you… you’re… I think you’re right…’ He said, squeezing her tightly. She sighed and then started crying again.

‘I have another name to add to my murder list…’

‘Another name?’ She got up and tried flying for a second. She managed to stay up for a few moments before falling to the floor.

‘Hmm… needs a bit of work…’ She laughed, still crying a little. She opened the draw and got out her sketch book. One of the pages looked glued together, she had put it on backwards so it remained secret.

‘Clever…’ 2D said, watching her open it and take out a little list.







Tony Blair



It read, she got a pen and added Drack to the end. He looked at her.

‘So you like Murdoc now…’

‘He’s more like a dad to me now.’

‘And P…Paula is also here… And Noel and Liam… Gallagher I presume?’


‘Tony Blair… and Wolfie… and Drack…’ He gave the list back to her.

‘Okay, so, this makes you feel better?’

‘Yeah, I guess.’

‘Well…’ Pixie flapped her wings and tried to fly. The door started to unlock.

‘Crap, Murdoc! Hide me, he’d think me as… as a vampire or demon!’

‘I know, I know!’ He pushed her into the bathroom and closed the door. She locked it and turned on the shower to make it seem that she was washing her hair. Murdoc came in and grabbed 2D by the shirt.

‘Keep your girlfriend away from Wolfie and Wolfie won’t hurt her and I won’t her you!’

‘Erm… okay…’ He let go of 2D and stormed out. 2D sighed and walked over to the bathroom.

‘Pixie?’ he knocked.

‘It works!’

‘What does?’

‘The water! It made my wings go!’

‘Good!’ She came out wearing her underwear.

‘I need some new clothes though, I accidentally walked in there with my clothes on!’

‘And your top is a little ripped…’

‘Yeah…’ She grabbed some new clothes from her cupboard and slipped them on. She hugged 2D lightly. He sighed and decided to tell her something.

‘Listen, you know you said about Paula…’


‘Well when you first arrived… well Murdoc said you looked familiar… he was right a bit. You have the same shine in your eyes you also have this silkiness to your hair… And you acted like her a while back, when we first started going out.’

‘Okay… so you think I act like Paula?’

‘I guess so…’

‘Oh… well Paula went out with Murdoc. I’d never do that!’

‘I know you wouldn’t’ he sighed, ‘why did I bring this up?’

‘Because you’re honest.’ Pixie said, bringing him to a kiss. He went a little pink but his ego returned to him soon enough.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ