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Pixie's story
Episode 21

Night of her Life

‘Look, I give up sometimes, and this time I have really given up!’ Wolfie said, not entirely sure if it was her speaking or the heavy amount of alcohol she had drunk after the concert.

‘Aw, baby, you make it sound like a bad thing!’ Murdoc laughed as he put his arm around Wolfie. She took a deep breathe and smiled.

‘Ha! A bad thing, wonder where you got that idea…’

‘Well, anyway…’ Murdoc said, about to make one of his normally awful jokes, ‘c’mon and let me know, should I stay or should I go?’

‘With comedy like that you should go on telly!’ Wolfie giggled. Murdoc grabbed her chin and turned her head towards him.

‘You’re rather short, aren’t you? Pixie is almost bigger then you.’ Wolfie raised her eyebrows. She seemed to be asking him if she was suppose to smile and say ‘thanks’ or if she should maybe slap him.

‘Oh well!’ He finally added before kissing her.


‘I didn’t really want to freak him out!’

‘I dunno, Noodle made it sound pretty awful!’ A boy said, in reply to Pixie’s comment.

‘Anyway, Noodle doesn’t just talk about those sorts of things to anyone…’ Pixie said, unsure, ‘what did you do to her?’

‘Well to be honest, I’m not just anyone, I’m Chip and I play drums!’ Pixie just looked at him almost laughing, ‘and Noodle really digs me!’

‘Right, okay, well, Chip’ Pixie laughed, ‘I can’t help but say you look familiar! I should probably send you away to be kicked out by security, I’m a VIP you know!’

‘Ha! Oh my lord, Trixie, you little… well, you little Wonderwall I guess!’

‘Oh, I haven’t heard that one in a while. You know this is a Gorillaz concert, don’t you? The Oasis gig is in hellsville; where it should be and I…’ She realised exactly what he had just said. She seemed a little dazed. Chip smiled at her and then poked her in the stomach.

‘Ow! No, how did you know my name? My, my real name.’

‘I knew you’d forgotten!’

‘Forgotten? Crud! I thought I had remembered everything now…’

‘Haha! No, we went to school together, didn’t we? You, me and Fawn, who was held back a few years for bad grades and then taken out and sent to a commune camp!’

‘I think it’s pronounced thorn and I haven’t seen her in some time… I can’t say you’ve changed much, only in looks.’

‘Fair enough, you’ve just got more beautiful.’

‘Err… hehehe, thanks, you really are a lady’s man now, aren’t you?’

‘I guess.’ Chip shrugged, 2D came up behind Pixie and put his hands on her shoulders.

‘She’s mine y’know!’ He smiled at him.

‘Ahaa… she’s what?’ Chip questioned.

‘Chip, this is 2D, my boyfriend.’ She introduced, Chip stepped forward and looked at Pixie as if she wasn’t for real.

‘Wow, you’re going out with 2D?


‘Okay, Pix, we’re going to sleep now, it’s a bit late… Uhm… Have you got somewhere to stay, Chip?’ 2D said.

‘Yeah, I live in Manchester at the moment! I’ll meet you guys in the morning, yeah?’

‘Sure!’ They replied, before saying goodbye and returning to their room.


Back in Wolfie’s room Murdoc was just about ready.

‘You ready?’ He called from the bathroom.

‘As ready as I’ll ever be!’ Wolfie called back. Murdoc came in completely naked and smiled at her.

‘Allah! He is more beautiful as nature made him, no?’ Wolfie joked.

‘I think that’s the beer talking, babe!’ Murdoc joked back. Wolfie closed her eyes for a few seconds and then clicked. The light went out.

‘Nice trick!’ Murdoc said, climbing into the bed, ‘only I can’t see you now, and that’s not to helpful!’

‘I’ll be you guide for the night!’


Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ