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Pixie's story
Episode 20

End of a Century

The next morning the band got up early to set up the stage for Damon and co while they still could. 2-D worked out where all the girls would be standing.

‘Why do you need to know where all the girls are?’

‘So I can stay away from them!’ 2-D joked, Pixie knew he was and raised an eyebrow, ‘Okay, I wanna show off to them, y’know, make ‘em scream and go silly while I watch Damon from the seats in that box.’ He pointed.

‘And I wanna do something a little more special to them, hehehe…’ Murdoc laughed. Pixie rolled her eyes.

‘Thanks for being honest, D. I don’t really mind, as long as you don’t follow in Damon’s footsteps when you’re back on centre stage!’

‘Eh?’ Damon looked up at her, she went pink, she did every time he looked spoke to her or looked directly at her.

‘When you were got a number one on top of the pops… Country house, and the groupies attacked you…’ She said.

‘Oh…’ he thought back to the day, graham was wearing an official Oasis top to show how glad he was to beat them in the biggest Britpop battle of the century. He sighed a little and carried on working.

‘Okay, take five!’ Jamie shouted as he walked onto the stage. Damon laughed at him for acting like a Hollywood director. Pixie went over the microphone.

‘Is it turned on?’ She called.

‘What’s that Pixie?’ Jamie shouted back.

‘Is it,’ she said, pronouncing each syllable, ‘Turned on?’ He flicked a switch.

‘Yeah, it is now!’ She closed her eyes and dreamed of an audience, she dreamed of a guitar playing and she dreamed of playing the keyboard while Damon sang. She got up and walked over the spare microphone. Then she opened her eyes, and there she was, in her dream, standing in front of an audience as Damon sang the last couple of lines before it was her part. She had completely forgotten then Damon was, in fact right behind her with Jamie setting up the last bits of the stage. 2-D was fiddling with his keyboard in the corner and there was Pixie, really believing that she was in front of an audience, singing with Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree. She picked up the mic and held it in front of her. The slight rustle from the microphone echoed through the hall. It caught Noodle’s attention; she looked up and saw Pixie, about to sing her heart out.

‘We all say “don’t want to be alone” we wear the same clothes cus we feel the same, we kiss the dry lips, when we say goodnight… end of a century, oh, it’s nothing special!’ She sang, Damon and Jamie were watching her now, admiring her voice and bravery to just get up and sing, even though Damon were right behind her. 2-D was stood, leaning on his keyboard, this was the first time he had properly heard her sing and he truly thought she was a good singer in her own right. Noodle wondered what she was going to do next, was she going to continue or what?  She stared at her, looking up at the stage lights and letting her soul flow.

‘We should stop hanging around with her…’ Jamie whispered.

‘She’s pretty brave, doing that.’ She put the mic back in its stand and walked out of the room. Wolfie had been listening from her room, anyone could’ve heard it, in fact, the people gathering outside the opera house, hoping to catch a glimpse of anyone famous before the show started, which wasn’t for another 11 hours.

‘Show off.’ Wolfie muttered, somehow wishing she’d gone up there and performed with one of the guitars. She looked up at a mint that had been left by the cleaners. She looked at it closely. She closed her eyes and thought about it in a hundred tiny pieces all broken like someone had stood on it. There was a little bang that made her jump, she stood back and opened her eyes. Some smoke came out of the hundred little pieces of mint lying on the table.

‘Shit!’ She gasped, unsure of what to think. There was knock on the door and then a squeak as it opened and Murdoc revealed himself.

‘Ey there Wolfie!’ He said.

‘Not now…’ She replied, walking towards the door to close it. Just as her hand reached full length ahead of her, the door slammed. She hadn’t even touched it.

‘Eeep!’ she yelped. She opened the door again.

‘Make up your mind!’

‘I didn’t touch it…’ she said.

‘Well I didn’t do it, anyway, c’mon, let’s go watch them rehearse!’ Wolfie wasn’t going to be much help with rehearsing when she wasn’t part of the concert so she just shook her head and closed the door.


While the non-cartoon band carried on rehearsing, Wolfie decided to just wonder round the place. She walked down one corridor and found herself staring at the male loos.

‘Gross, what’s that smell.’ she said, holding her nose. The door opened, she looked at her hands that were no where near the door, she wasn’t even thinking about the door being open so it couldn’t be her. It wasn’t her, a big guy came out. He looked rather intimidating to Wolfie.

‘AAAAAAH!’ She shouted, running down the corridor and slamming into Pixie.

‘Ow! What the hell is wrong with you?’

‘head…head’ she started, trying to catch her breath, ‘Big fat fucking head!’

‘Oh, you mean Shaun?


‘Yeah, he’s the guy in Dare! You know, the big singing head!’

‘oh…’ She blushed, realising how stupid she had just been. Shaun came round the corner at that point.

‘Hey, did I scare ya?’

‘…’ Wolfie quivered a little.

‘She didn’t know who you were.’ Pixie said, as if she were translating. Wolfie quivered again and nodded.

‘She’s also sorry if she worried you.’ Pixie carried on. Shaun looked at them both and shook his head, mumbling something like ‘crazy kids’

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ