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Pixie's story

Episode 19

The Fright of Her Life

‘Ahy, Damon! Where the hell are ya!?’ Murdoc shouted, storming down to the room Damon was supposed to be staying in.

‘Muds!’ he came out of his room and greeted him.

‘Ahy! Where’s Jamie then?’

‘He’s taking a break for a while, we’ve been interviewed today. I didn’t realise you’d be here this late! You were meant to be here for the rehearsals, help us out with your songs an’ all, but none of you were!’

‘Oi!’ Murdoc said, bashing Damon’s arm, ‘Better late then never, okay?’ Russel came over with Murdoc’s bags. He put them down and walked to the food court, without saying a word. Murdoc and Damon looked at him strangely, then Murdoc laughed but Damon didn’t quite see what was so funny. Meanwhile, Wolfie was settling into the VIP guest room, it was meant to be for her but now she knew that Pixie was staying to, for some reason she seemed to be going off Pixie and her personality. She felt like punching her every time she said something stupid like ‘I thought maybe sitting with you two smelly guys would be better than being squashed in a corner and being smacked round the face several times so I came here!’ that she had said earlier. She went over to 2-D’s room to see when Pixie was gonna set up her floor bed.

‘Oh I’m not sharing with you!’ she smiled.

‘Oh and who are you sharing with?’ She said smugly.

‘2-D, of course!’ Wolfie’s smugness dropped, she started wanting to hit Pixie again for being stupid, 2-D was at least thirty, she was sure, and she’d met Pixie on her… fifteenth birthday she thought, but she wasn’t good at remembering stuff that she didn’t really care about.

‘Have fun fucking your boyfriend then!’ She said, sarcastically.

‘She’s only 15, Wolfie!’ 2-D called.

‘What is he doing in there, anyway?’

‘I think he’s shaving! He says it makes him feel fresh but I’m not a guy so I couldn’t tell you much about that!’ Pixie laughed, Wolfie got extremely annoyed, she walked out and slammed the door behind her. 2-D came into the room only wearing yellow pants.

‘Oh, how pleasant…’ Pixie said, going a little pink. He sat next to her and let her fall into his arms, like she often did. He turned on the TV and started flicking through the channels.

‘Oh look, they have a horror channel here!’ Pixie laughed as 2-D put down the control. She slipped out of his arms and hid under the bed.

‘Pixie?’ 2-D looked around, trying to pinpoint where she was. She slid out the other side of the bed and snuck up on him.

‘I’m a zombie!!!’ She said, pouncing on him.

‘Ha! As long as you don’t bite me like before, it hurt!’

‘Okay, so I’m a zombie-in-training, but give me a little credit!’ They smiled and kissed each other gently.


Wolfie was flicking through the channels like mad, trying to find something decent when there was a knock on the door.

‘What do you want!?’

‘It’s the delivery man!’

‘Where from?’

‘I’m from the happy-night company!’

‘Oh for fuck sake…’ she said, getting up to open the door. Behind it was, of course, Murdoc. Wolfie’s eyes widened. Murdoc was wearing his cape and some pants. She moved out the way as he invited himself in and sat on the bed.

‘…what are you doing here’ Wolfie said, gritting her teeth as she closed the door, ‘In my room’ Murdoc smiled at her.

‘I know the concert hasn’t been yet, but I thought we should squeeze a rehearsal in before tomorrow!’

‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!’ Pixie and 2-D looked at each other as they heard the scream coming from down the corridor, they laughed, knowing that Murdoc was planning to give Wolfie the night, or fright, of her life.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ