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Pixie's story
Episode 18

Viva la Manchester (Madchester)

‘So are you inviting us to Manchester, then?’ Pixie said, holding up her old NME magazine, there was an article about the five day concert that they where about to go on. It was now the 31st and they where about to go.

‘Uhm… No!’ Murdoc started up the engine.

‘Ahem, you have enough room for me and Wolfie!!!’ Just as she said that, Wolfie walked in with a tank.

‘What is that?’ Noodle asked.

‘My snake!’ She gave it to one of the staff members who dragged it to her new room. Murdoc smiled at her, she rolled her eyes.

‘Anyway, there is no good reason why we can’t come!’

‘Wolfie, c’mon, we’re going to Manchester.’

‘Cool!’ Wolfie got in, ‘Pixie!’ She beckoned her in.

‘Apparently I can’t come; the guy who has a major crush on you won’t let me!’ Wolfie thought, if she could persuade Murdoc into letting her come to Manchester just by looking at him and saying ‘it’s my snake’ then surely she could make him let Pixie come.

‘Murdoc, if pixie can’t come; then I won’t come!’

‘…fine…’ Pixie jumped in and Murdoc began driving. Russel was squashed in a back seat, 2-D was in the front and Pixie, Wolfie and Noodle were next to Russel. Wolfie kept hitting Pixie while she was dancing to a song on the radio.

‘Well this sucks…’ Pixie complained.

‘TATU DO NOT SUCK!!!’ Wolfie shouted, in her own world, after hitting Pixie several times. She undid her seatbelt and climbed into the front, on 2-D’s lap.

‘Heya!’ she said, 2-D looked at her, ‘I thought maybe sitting with you two smelly guys would be better than being squashed in a corner and being smacked round the face several times so I came here!’ Murdoc shook his head. 2-D held onto her as they got onto route 23, he knew that the worst possible thing you can do while going through loops, jumping over gaps and battling Giant moose’s and UFOs is have no seatbelt or anything to hold onto. Especially with Murdoc’s driving; however, Pixie had never been on route 23 before so she though 2-D was just being friendly.

‘Here it comes!’ Noodle called. Pixie looked up and saw the massive loop they were about to go through. She couldn’t scream, she lost her voice that very moment and grabbed hold of 2-D’s waist. Then she realised why he was holding her. Half way through the loop Pixie’s picture fell out of her pocket, 2-D grabbed it and saw how ripped it was.

‘Hey, what happened to it?’ Pixie looked down and 2-D felt like beating himself for asking, it has been from the fight, Pixie still had a massive scar down her back, he had seen when she was sleeping.


She usually slept in a ‘night-top’ which was her way of saying a tank-top bra that you wear when you go to sleep. She would also wear some trousers, she had a yellow pair that she used but the main thing was, the night before; 2-D had woken up at around 3 in the morning and had seen the huge scar down her back for the first time. He really had never seen it, he saw the actual scrape down her back as blood flowed out of her but that was before it had been stitched together. After that he never saw it, it’s a strange thing never to see a scar that was that big. He also thought for a second about how self conscious she was about it. Since the scar she only wore tops that covered her whole back, even though she loved halter-neck tops. She also stopped swimming so much because of the bikini showing her scar. The last thing that was most worrying was how she even hid it from him. When it was time for bed, she’d make sure the lights were out and even then, sleep on her back so that no one could possibly see it.


Sub-consciously, he rubbed her back as they got to the end of the loop. She looked at him. He felt bad for her, he felt like he could’ve burst out crying for her. He would’ve done anything just to make everything bad that happened to her go away. Her family, the coma, the fight… maybe even meeting the Gorillaz in the first place. Wolfie stared at them, Pixie being held by him while he gently stroked her back, as if he were trying to rub it out of existence. Pixie looked up at her.

‘What’s wrong?’ Wolfie mouthed. Pixie closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

‘Have you got a bad back or something?’ She added, wondering about 2D rubbing her back. Pixie sighed, she didn’t want to talk about it but 2-D caught a glimpse of what was going on.

‘What’s up Wolf?’

‘Wolfie…’ she grunted, tired of reminding people of her name, ‘What’s up with her back?’

‘Oh…’ he didn’t know whether to tell her or not, she seemed to enjoy beating up Pixie with her little thumps and smacks as much as Murdoc enjoyed pushing 2-D close to death. It could come across as a weak point. He rubbed her back again and then turned back to Wolfie.

‘Pixie just has a little sore.’ He reasoned.

‘Hey, Wolfie, there are a lot of groupies at concerts like this, they’d love to be where you are!’ Murdoc chuckled.

‘Yeah, what ever.’

‘You can make them jealous you know, if you’re gonna be hanging around with me after the shows, if you know what I mean!’ He said, like she didn’t know.

‘I don’t think so…’ 

‘If you have rights, we do.’ Pixie mumbled.

‘You what?’

‘If you can ask Wolfie if she wants to make the groupies jealous then why can’t I piss off the D groupies?’ 2-D blushed, Murdoc shook his head.

‘I never said you couldn’t, I just said that it would be the perfect excuse to beat the crap out of ‘im for!’ He laughed, Noodle threw a tape at his head.

‘Put it on and shut up!’ She shouted, fed up of the fighting and showing off as well as the snoring from Russel that no one else seemed to have noticed. Murdoc looked at the tape; it didn’t have any labels on it, it just had ‘Noodle’ scribbled on it. He put it in the player and cautiously hit play. A song started playing, Murdoc gave a little smile, how many times had she played that song?

‘They only like you when you’re 17, when you’re 21, you’re no fun…’ it played.

They passed a little marathon a large group of people were running, one man was far ahead and still going fast.

‘Wow, he’s going as fast as a bagel!’ 2-D commented, Pixie giggled as Murdoc growled a little, ‘Well ‘e was!’

‘Food…’ Russel mumbled in his sleep. Murdoc changed the gear and turned to 2D.

‘Bagels don’t have legs, dullard!’ He snarled, Pixie giggled even more.

‘Oh, right…’ 2-D said sadly, rubbing Pixie’s back like she was a lapdog or something. Wolfie shook her head and then rubbed it as she started getting a little dizzy. They arrived at the Manchester opera house very late that night, Noodle had fallen asleep and so had Russel. Pixie was half asleep on 2-D’s lap. Murdoc turned off the engine and went into the VIP lounge. Wolfie nudged Noodle and Russel.


‘We’re here.’ They looked around and realised where they were. Noodle jumped out and ran inside to explore the place while Russel got the bags out.

‘…Pixie…’ 2-D said, trying to get Pixie to wake up fully.

‘It’s too late to move…’ Pixie complained, 2-D smiled and picked her up.

‘Paedophile’ Wolfie growled, ‘bloody paedophile, you’re like Murdoc!’ 2-D looked at her.

‘She’s right…’ he thought, ‘I am like Murdoc… she’s only 15…’

‘Leave him alone…’ Pixie mumbled. Wolfie stared at her.

‘You just love older men’ she hissed, ‘don’t ya?’ Pixie closed her eyes and grabbed 2-D harder, she was a bit scared, she didn’t want to be beaten or anything. 2-D held her tightly. Pixie’s new friend threatened to beat her up, 2-D’s so called friend beats him up, maybe that was why he and Pixie were together and why Wolfie and Murdoc should’ve been together. It still made him sad, what she had said, was it really true that he was sick in the head? It wasn’t his fault that he loved her, and even so, she loved him just as much. He got out the key that Murdoc had given him and opened the door to his room. It was nice to have rooms rather than being stuck in Murdoc’s Winnebago or a tour bus like all the other tours, but this wasn’t a tour, this was just a concert they were going to watch. He put Pixie on the bed and proceeded to the bathroom.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ