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Pixie's story
Episode 17

The Great Escape

Later that night, or early the next morning, Wolfie and Pixie got changed and sneaked out. There was a single search light to avoid, easy seeing as one of the kids was sleep walking and seemed to be trying to climb over the 10 foot wall. They got to the back gate, it was heavily locked but there was an easy solution. Pixie knocked twice and then three times. The lock rattled a bit and fell, they opened the door and walked through quickly. Wolfie stood, looking around. She leaped up shouting for dear life.

‘Freedom!!!’ 2-D looked at her, unsure of what to think. Murdoc got out of the jeep and grabbed her around the mouth.

‘Shut up, you’ll get us all caught!’ She bit him. He tried to grab her but she ran out of reach. A light came on next to them, Murdoc could now see Wolfie. Wolfie could see all of them.

‘Wow, you really are the Gorillaz!’ Pixie laughed, Murdoc was stood speechless. 2-D tapped Pixie’s shoulder and pointed to Murdoc. Pixie was amazed.

‘What’s your problem?’ Wolfie hissed.

‘You’re sexy… how old are you?’ Wolfie couldn’t believe what she just heard, she stared at him. Noodle waved her hand in front of Wolfie’s face.

‘18.’ Wolfie was actually 16, not 18. Murdoc looked at her and smiled.

‘Not to young.’ Wolfie ran to Pixie and grabbed her.

‘…help me…’ She begged, Pixie laughed. Wolfie went over to Noodle.

‘Your Pixie’s friend, the guitarist?’ Noodle nodded, ‘You’re smaller than I thought.’ Noodle glared at her.

‘No offence…’

‘Hey, I forgot…’ 2-D said, getting Pixie’s attention back to him, ‘You can sleep with me now!’

‘I can? Isn’t that illegal?’

‘Not when you wear clothes, Pixie.’ 2-D laughed, ruffling her hair.

‘Don’t do that…’


‘It makes me feel small…’ 2-D laughed and brought her to a kiss, a bit more passionate then the ‘be back in a bit’ kiss. Wolfie looked over, her jaw dropped.

‘Guess she was right about everything…’ They got in the jeep; there was a lot of room for the two passengers because Russel was still at Kong.

‘So she’s staying, but where is she going to sleep?’ Murdoc asked, starting up the engine.

‘What a minute, when did we decide that?’ 2-D said, suddenly realising how much Murdoc liked this new kid.

‘Well I know it is coming, anyway, we don’t have anywhere for her to sleep…’

‘Your Winnebago.’ Pixie giggled out.

‘I don’t think so…’ Wolfie hit her round the back of the head.

‘She can have my room, my old clothes fit her and I have another place to go.’ Pixie smiled.

‘Fair enough.’ Wolfie sat back down.


When they finally got to Kong, Murdoc was half asleep. Wolfie leaped out but forgot about the seatbelt attached to her foot, so she fell out, hanging off the edge. Murdoc saw in his mirror and got out to help. Noodle got out as well so that she could see what was going on. 2-D got out and looked at Pixie, she put her arms up and he took her out.

‘Wheeeee!’ She laughed. 2-D hugged her; she was sort of falling asleep.

‘Are you okay Wolfie?’

‘Fine, if by fine you mean dangling from a fucking car, then yeah I’m fine’

‘Ha!’ Murdoc smiled at her sarcasm, ‘Okay, why don’t you have a tour of this place?’ ‘Ah the blood is going to my head!!!’ Wolfie screamed. Murdoc got her out of the tangled mess. Wolfie just nodded and walked off. The first place she went was 2-D’s room, seeing as it was the closest, 2-D and Pixie had already got there.

‘Hey guys, just touring the place!’ Pixie smiled, 2-D appeared to be looking for a keyboard cord but that was far from what he was really looking for. Wolfie closed the door, but out of interest; she put her ear to the door.

‘Hurry up for god’s sake, I wish you wouldn’t throw your clothes everywhere!’

‘I can’t help it, Pixie; I don’t have anywhere to put it all!’

‘Hey, found them!’

‘My pants!?’ Wolfie pulled away as quick as she could and took a deep breathe.

‘Wha….Wha…what the fuck!?’

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ