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Pixie's story
Episode 16


It was dark, she was in Japan with the others, just before… there it was, he Mum came over and told her about running away. She took her back. She never made it, she remembered why.

‘Mum, they are my new friends!’

‘A drunken freak, an American, a Japanese girl and a kid with black eyes!?’

‘They are my FRIENDS!!!’

‘Enough of this, honestly… that kid with black eyes and blue hair looked like one of them guys who takes drugs, thank god he didn’t do anything to you…’ Pixie looked at her, she felt angry that her Mum would even think like that about 2-D.

‘You know nothing about him!’ She pushed him, she fell back into a main road. A car hit her, she was just lying there in the middle of the road. Pixie ran out to get to her, there was a Taxi coming, it wasn’t going to stop in time but it had slowed down enough to save her life. She was knocked unconscious. She was in a coma. So the people who wouldn’t tell her who 2-D was weren’t her parents, they were other people. She started crying.

‘Miss, do you have another contact?’


‘Please put in their number, tell them where you are and that you’re okay.’ Another guard looked at her suspiciously.

‘And don’t ask them to rescue you, another kid got an extra 6 months for that.’ She typed in the number and waited for someone to pick up. It was about nine in the morning now, the drive had been a long one, there weren’t many community camps in England, this one was in the countryside too.

‘Hello?’ 2-D answered.

‘2-D, I’m calling from a station…’

‘Pixie? Where?’

‘A community camp.’

‘Did you do something?’

‘No, they think I was the one who did all the graffiti and blew up the car and everything and now I realise how much my life really has gone to waste…’

‘Don’t say that! Listen Pixie, you’ll be okay, where are you?’

‘I can’t say…’

‘You aren’t allowed?’


‘Don’t worry, you don’t disserve to be there, they’ll let you out soon.’

‘I do…’

‘You do what?’

‘Disserve it…’ Pixie started to cry again.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Can I speak to Murdoc please?’

‘Uhm… sure.’ Pixie waited a little while and then she heard Murdoc’s voice, it sounded very ill.

‘Murdoc, I need your help…’

‘What is it now, Pixie?’

‘I killed someone…’

‘You did!?’

‘Uh-huh… I remembered, it was why I fell into a coma…’

‘Who did you kill?’

‘My mother…’ there was silence for a bit, then she heard 2-D again.

‘Killed someone?’

‘I’m sorry 2-D…’ she gave the phone to the officer who started asking questions, the other guard took her to one of the camp houses, she sat in one of the beds, above her was a girl, her sign said ‘Name: Unknown (Wolfie)’.


‘What!?’ Pixie jumped, she didn’t realise Wolfie was actually there.

‘Oh, I, I, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise…’

‘Didn’t realise what?’

‘I’m Pixie, I err… I’m new here…’ Pixie quickly changed the subject.

‘Oh, a newbie huh?’

‘Yes…’ pixie sighed, ‘I guess so, but I won’t be here long.’

‘So, what you in for?’

‘Something I didn’t do, I apparently was anti-social.’

‘Ok, so where do you live?’

‘In Essex with the Gorillaz, you heard of them?’

‘Ha you live with the Gorillaz, yeah right!’

‘I do…’ The bell went and everyone in sector A went to the campfire. Pixie sat next to Wolfie in one of the corners and waited for the food. They were given plates of big lumps of pork. Pixie looked at it.

‘If it’s anything other than pork or chicken or maybe sushi, but I doubt that, then I’m not eating it!’ Wolfie took a bite.

‘It’s pork, and why won’t you eat it?’

‘I just don’t, since I started living with the Gorillaz…’

‘Don’t start that again!’

‘Well I do and they are going to rescue me.’


‘I’m serious; they’re going to get me out of this place!’ Pixie argued.

‘So you mean that you’re actually going out with the lead singer of the Gorillaz?’ Wolfie took another bite out of her pork ‘lump’.


‘And your best friend is the guitarist?’


‘And that you live with them?’


‘Whatever, Pixie…’ Wolfie really didn’t believe her.

‘I do! Honest!’

‘Prove it!’ She gave in.

‘When they come to find me, I’ll get them to bring you as well, do you still have your old clothes?’ Wolfie shook her head, Pixie still had hers in her bag.

‘I’ll come with you, but you have to promise that they’ll actually take me too.’

‘Of course they will! Hey, you’re a bit smaller than me, you could fit into my old clothes!’

‘Right…’ Wolfie looked at Pixie’s clothes, they were mainly black and not to piratey, ‘only if you have something decent.’ Pixie pulled out a black boob tube and skirt. Wolfie smiled.

‘That will do.’

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ