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Pixie's story
Episode 15

Happy 15th

The next day Pixie was woken by a massive bang, it was from the door.

‘Pixie, Pixie, Pixie, Pixie!!!’


‘Party starts in an hour!’

‘An hour!?’ She got up and grabbed her clothes as quick as possible. Downstairs 2-D was trying his room to smell nice, as part of Pixie’s surprise she was going to be allowed to share 2-D’s room part time and currently it stunk! He managed to get rid of the smoke smell but the mess was making it smell of a junk heap. Noodle was setting up the lights and Russel was practicing his D-J work. This had to be a special party because of two things; it was Pixie’s first birthday at Kong and because they couldn’t remember the last time they had a proper party. Murdoc invited all the guests in and began turning off the main lights so that Noodle’s disco bonanza could take over. Pixie came in wearing all her party clothes, there was no big clapping and cheering massacre because it was a free party, like when you turn up at a school disco. 2-D came up to her and grabbed her hand.

‘Hey, you look nice in those…’

‘Sexy more like, I know what you were thinking, I’m just wondering how many people are going to think I’m a lot older than 15!’ 2-D smiled and walked into the middle of the dance floor. Noodle saw them and gave Russel the cue, he played a James Blunt song, Pixie did like his songs, one of the only love artists that she did enjoy. 2-D was dressed as some kind of masked warrior, he was wearing a little hat and mask but he also looked a little like a western cowboy.

‘May I take this dance, oh princess of darkness?’ He crouched, offering his hand. Pixie giggles a little and took his hand. Damon and Jamie were at the refreshments table, eating like mad.

‘Trust me on this,’ Jamie began, he took another mouthful of cheese biscuits, ‘these cakes taste amazing!’

‘Yeah? Who brought them in?’

‘I did!’

‘Oh, now I see your game!’ Damon said, picking up one of Jamie’s cakes and smashing it in his face.

‘Oi! This means war!’ He picked up the cheese dip.

‘No way!!’ Damon legged it; Jamie grabbed another handful of biscuits and followed after.


The party went on a good while until everyone started passing out. After nine Murdoc had got out all the alcohol and some drugs for the sake of a good time. By ten people were passing out and now, at eleven, everyone except 2-D, Pixie and Noodle were unconscious.

‘Now for your big surprise!!!’ Noodle yelled, she ran down to the car park, a limo had pulled up.

‘You didn’t…’

‘No actually I didn’t…’ Noodle started laughing and opened the door. 2-D and Pixie got in; Noodle came in after them and was quick to turn on the TV.

‘So, where are we going?’

‘The best place in town!’

‘Where’s that?’

‘It’s a little spot where we go graffiti-ing, it’s also just a really great spot because we’ve decorated it and everything! The limo pulled up outside the quay. They got out and let the limo drive away. Some way down the alley was a little door, Noodle opened it with a key and inside was… a mess, nothing to fantastic, and a burnt car as well.

‘Not what I was expecting…’ 2-D commented.

‘So the lounge car sound system is…’

‘Burnt. And the wall of mystery is…’

‘A mess…’ 2-D a Noodle dictated.

‘Well you know what this means!?’ Pixie jumped onto the car. 2-D and Noodle looked at each other and then at Pixie.

‘D.I.Y TIME!!!’ She yelled, Noodle smiled.

‘I’ll get the car paints!’ 2-D smiled.

‘I’ll get some decorations!’ Noodle laughed.

‘Where from?’ Pixie got down and looked at them both, smiling away like it was their birthday.

‘There’s a little shed that has lots of things that we brought down inside.’ Noodle said, walking out the gate, 2-D kissed Pixie and followed.

‘Be back in a bit!’ Pixie turned around and looked at the burnt car. She picked up a piece of wood and hit the car. Part of it fell off.

‘Sweet!’ Pixie got out her phone and played ‘Song 2’, she began smashing the car in time with it. The gate squeaked open a little, Pixie turned around. She was expecting Noodle or 2-D but instead there was a police officer. Pixie suddenly realised she was holding a massive plank of wood and standing next to a burnt, half destroyed car.

‘So you’re the young lady who has been anti-social around this area’ the policeman grabbed her arm, ‘you’re under arrest for multiple cases of destruction around this area.’ Pixie struggled but couldn’t get free, she knew there was no point in telling him that she’d only just got there because, even as she thought, the officer was going through the ‘Anything you say may and will be used as evidence in court’ lines. She couldn’t believe it, how much damage had this one person done? And to make it worse, Pixie was being blamed!

‘So what are you going to do to me?’ She asked.

‘You’re going to be sent to a service camp for a while.’ Pixie looked at her feet and thought. This was her 15th Birthday, this was the day she would be the happiest… she only got a kiss and that wasn’t a bye, that was a ‘be back in a bit’ kiss. She had no idea when she was going to get back, if she’d even get back before 2-D gave up on her… Eventually they got to the station, they gave Pixie a uniform that she was to wear at all times.

‘Name please, miss.’

‘Trixie Marsh…’ She sighed.

‘Oh… do you have any contacts?’

‘Huh? You’re not going to call my parents?’

‘Your father has been missing for a few years and your mother died around the same time, do you have a guardian?’


‘She was hit by a car…’ Pixie suddenly remembered a little something she had forgotten…

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ