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Pixie's story
Episode 14

Good Thing

Pixie’s 15th Birthday was going to be great! They were going to have a big party in Kong; they had invited one of Noodle’s friends, a few of 2-D’s friends, Jamie and Damon and plenty of Murdoc friends… girlfriends. Pixie read the list of people, there was at least 50 coming. No one she knew… Drack didn’t want to come, Fade couldn’t come and Louise had gone back to Transylvania. Pixie didn’t have any other friends.

‘All set?’ 2-D asked.

‘Yes…’ Pixie gave him the list, ‘You will dance with me won’t you?’

‘That’s what you’re worried about?’ Pixie nodded, trying to fool herself, ‘don’t worry, I will!’ she smiled at him and went to her room. She had recently grown a lot and her hair was going purple, so she was going to use some dye remover and let it go red again… not that she wanted to, but she couldn’t afford to have it dyed again, she’d spent all her money on the keyboard for her and 2-D. There were two knocks and the door and then a pause. Pixie looked up. There was another three knocks, that was the code; 2 3.

‘Come in.’ Noodle walked in hiding something.

‘Remember when I bought you that outfit but you grew out of it so now you don’t have anything decent to wear?’


‘Look! This isn’t your birthday present but I hope you like it!’ She gave Pixie a little package, inside was a plain long-sleeved top and a token for the clothing designers.

‘Wow! Thanks so much Noods!’

‘Hey, it didn’t cost more than 2 because it’s plain and I’ve had that token a while but I didn’t use it, you would make better use of it.’

‘Oooh, second hand goodies!’

‘Haha! Wait until you see your birthday present!’ They laughed together.


Later that day, Pixie went to the clothing designers, there was a little computer in the corner, she inserted the token and the computer welcomed her. The program was a lot like paint only it had a stylus touch screen. She drew a simple R.I.P, Residing Innocence Program. When they’d finished printing it she cut off the bottom to make a long-sleeved tank top. Perfect! As she came out she spotted another shop, it was having a sale, everything was 75% off.

‘Wow…’ she went in to see what she could find, there was a lovely pair of combat trousers that were 25p thanks to the sale, she tried them on and they were perfect fit.

‘Can I buy this?’

‘Of course, 25p please.’ Pixie gave the person the money with a little smirk on her face. When she got back to Kong she cut a hole in each sleeve, now she could put her thumbs in there.

‘You’ve made it look perfect!’ Noodle was stood at the doorway, Pixie looked at her.

‘I thought I told you to knock before you came in.’ Noodle looked down; she was stood just behind the spot where Pixie’s carpet began.

‘Can I come in?’

‘Sure…’ Pixie waved her in. Noodle looked at all the accessories Pixie had gotten out, mainly black and gothic things.

‘Isn’t your birthday a happy thing?’

‘Only 15 years since I wasted my life…’

‘What is wrong, really wrong?’

‘I don’t have any friends other than you guys… everyone coming to the party; I don’t know any of them…’

‘You know Jamie and Damon.’

‘I know but it isn’t the same as having true friends of my own…’ Noodle understood what was wrong.

‘Listen, you will find a friend, tomorrow is the party and tomorrow night is your big surprise!’ Pixie smiled, at least there was going to be a good thing.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ