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Pixie's story

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‘So you want me to sleep with you tonight?’

‘Ye… no… I, uhm…’ 2-D was panicking a little, Pixie was enjoying herself, asking questions that she thought 2-D would’ve already thought of rather than leaving it for her to ask.

‘Sleep in your room, like the time before?’

‘Yeah but…’ Pixie looked at him, ‘I’ll have my top somewhere so I don’t loose it…’ he blushed.

‘Same bed?’ 2-D really started to blush now, he tried to ignore what she was saying and the thoughts that were going through her head, or at least what he thought she thought. Crap, why did I say that? Why am I asking these questions? Why am I talking to myself! Shit, I’m going mad! Calm down… okay, he thinks I’m a whore, work with it…

‘I was joking, D, do you really think I’m that kind of girl?’

‘You’ve been actin’ like it latel...’ he shut himself up before he upset her. Pixie sighed. I knew it! She told herself, over and over again.

‘Why do I bother…’ she muttered.

‘Huh?’ 2-D asked. She didn’t answer but he knew what she had said anyway. He put his finger under her chin.

‘Listen, it don’t matter ‘bout anythin’ much, just be y’self!’ She looked up and smiled, only to be greeted with a kiss. Noodle came in and saw them. She brought them her lovely meal; cereal.

‘Your dinner is served!’ Noodle said, about to sit down. She spotted herself in the reflection of the table, bright and shiny, unlike herself, who had very messy hair.

‘AAAAAAH!’ she screamed, causing 2-D to throw a headache pill down his throat will covering his ears with a sarcastic smile on his face. Pixie laughed at him as well as Noodle’s sudden rush to brush her hair.


Murdoc woke up with Cortez biting at his hair.

‘How the fuck did you get in!?’ He shouted, Cortez just squawked and flew away. Murdoc shook his head and grabbed his nearest clothes, seemingly in a rush to get ready. He walked into the front of his Winnebago and stared at the empty sofa. There was a knock on the door.


‘Hey, I got ya some junk!’ someone called.

‘Ya what?’ Pixie walked in with a box. Murdoc wondered what she was on about until Pixie dropped the box which happened to be full of materials and had a ‘how to make a voodoo doll’ scribbled on the front. He smiled.

‘As an apology that I took yours!’ She smiled back, with the 2-D voodoo doll she had taken clearly hanging out of her pocket. He took the box and put it in the corner as Pixie walked off. He shook his head at her attitude. He looked out to see her as she left the car park, but she stopped and looked at him.

‘And make sure it isn’t of 2-D or I’ll be ordering myself one of them!’ She shouted. He laughed and then watched as she got a key out of her pocket and unlocked 2-D’s door. He looked a little surprised at this and walked back over the box.

‘That girl…’ he mumbled to himself, lighting another cigarette. Why the hell has she got a door key to his room? He only gives copies of them to his girlfriends. He realised what was going on and laughed. They shouldn’t keep it a secret if that’s what they’re doing! After all, it’s about time 2-D left me to the girls his age!

‘At least I won’t be stealing her!’ He left a note on 2-D’s door as he walked past it, on his way to the studio kitchen to re-stock the cupboards in his Winnebago.


On his way back from inserting the Demon Days album into the duke box, 2-D found the note on his door.

‘Talk to me ASAP, Murdoc…’ He read, taking it off his door and entering his room.

‘Hiya Stu!’

‘Err, hey Trixie…’ He said, throwing the note in the bin and walking over to her, ‘Murdoc wants a quick chat so I’ll be back in a bit.’

‘Okay, don’t let him hurt you…’ Fair enough, why would he hurt him? He hadn’t done anything that usually upset him lately. He found Murdoc stood outside the Winnebago and walked up to him.

‘Alright mate?’

‘Shut up and listen.’


‘I know something is going on with you and out little fairy, so you might as well tell me.’


‘If you happen to be with her…’ Murdoc chose his words wisely, ‘Then I want to know, I won’t hurt you…’ Hi crossed his fingers behind his back.

‘I ah… She…’ Murdoc caught glimpse of 2-D’s love bite as he moved around from worry.

‘2-D, listen, you told us all that you didn’t have a girlfriend because you left them all at the fair, yet you still have a new love bite, right there, on your neck. The only explanation I can get from that is that you are with her and this could endanger my band!’ He growled, making it obvious that he wasn’t happy.

‘All she did was kiss me, I’m not letting it go far I promise, but I do love her and nothing you can do can stop it!’ He shouted, getting hold of his ego and throwing it at Murdoc who grabbed him by the neck and lifted his arm about to punch him.

‘Don’t touch him.’ Pixie demanded from behind them both. 2-D tried to get Murdoc to let go as he glared at Pixie.

‘What the fuck are you doing, standing up for your boyfriend I know but you don’t have to endanger your own life for him!’ Pixie’s eyes widened and she looked at 2-D who stopped struggling. His eyes filled with water. I’m sorry Pixie, I don’t know how he found out but I know he wouldn’t hit a girl… wait!

‘You’d never hit a girl!’ 2-D croaked.

‘And what would you know about that? I do what I want!’

‘Leave him alone, I don’t want him to be hurt and I don’t want the band to be endangered!’ Pixie shouted. Murdoc let go of 2-D who squirmed away to a safe distance.

‘So what would be your brilliant plan then?’ Murdoc said, bringing his hand to his side.

‘I won’t sleep with him like you say, I will, however, kiss him, but that is my own business, nothing in that statement is against the law.’ Murdoc raised and eyebrow, not that you could see, at her wisdom of how to go about this, ‘I don’t want you to hurt 2-D but I guess that is of your own right. So do as you want but don’t mess with us as a couple because it you aren’t gonna loose your singer.’

‘Fair enough’ He said, peering over to 2-D, ‘I’ll hurt him more than usual but that’ll just be because I feel like it, not because of you two.’ Pixie shook her head but had to agree because it was what she had said. Murdoc grabbed a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and went into his Winnebago. 2-D looked at Pixie for a second before closing his eyes with a massive sigh of relief.

‘I won’t let him beat you up at all; you don’t have to worry about that!’ Pixie said happily. 2-D ruffled her hair and returned to his room.


Pixie opened the door to 2-D’s room half an hour later. He was meditating on the floor. She sat beside him and curled herself into a meditation position. There was a little bang and some scratching coming from the air vents, 2-D didn’t seem to notice but Pixie got a little worried about it.

‘2-D…’ He opened his eyes suddenly like he had just woken up.

‘Yeah… a zombie?’ Pixie nodded. 2-D got up and went over to his bed; he grabbed a scythe that was under his bed. He stepped carefully over to the air vent and stood, ready to lift the vent and slash the zombie. He opened it and something came out. 2-D jumped back rather then slashing the supposed zombie. Pixie saw a little tail come out of the pile of dirty washing the ‘zombie’ had landed in.

‘Norm?’ Pixie asked, reaching towards the washing.

‘Pi…cus I…so pleased and err…’ It came out of the washing and looked at her, ‘Hello!’

‘Isn’t Norm a monkey?’ 2-D asked. It wasn’t a monkey at all, it was a boy. He had long hair and a sweatband round his head. He had long tail however and one of his eyes was black with a scar running through it.

‘It is Norm!’ Pixie said, running up and hugging him.

‘Hey! Glad to see you again! Listen, I have to go in a little while but I err… well, are you staying here from now on?’

‘Sure! I hope…’

‘She is.’ 2-D said happily.

‘Right, well I’ll come back soon with my guitar!’

‘You play guitar?’

‘Bass. So anyway, I’ll see you soon.’

‘Okay!’ She let go and he walked over to 2-D and smiled.

‘I’ll see you soon, too, maybe we could actually get to know each other!’

‘Err… yeah, sure.’ Norm nodded and ran back up the air vent. Pixie shook her head and smiled. 2-D looked at his clock for a second then looked at Pixie.



‘Just because you’re my girlfriend doesn’t mean I’m not still your official guardian!’

‘Oh, right… maybe Murdoc could be my guardian, I mean, it’s a bit odd; me going out with my guardian…’

‘Fair enough, but for now, BED!’ Pixie laughed and got her clothes.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ