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Pixie's story

The events between 14 and 15

Pixie woke up that morning with a headache. It was almost her birthday and she was still recovering from the fight with Drack, and now he’d disappeared for good. Worst of all was now she couldn’t speak to Fade. Her powers had gone, so she’d noticed; now she was normal Pixie. Hey, maybe 2-D would prefer me that way? But thoughts would only comfort. She got out from the bedcovers and flopped over to her clothes. They were getting a lot smaller on her now; she was getting taller and bigger. She hated it, growing up, but it also made her feel closer to 2-D. She turned her attention to a picture. It was ripped up, the little one she had since she first met 2-D and now it was ruined. Thanks to Drack. But you can’t blame him; he didn’t mean to, he just lost control. She sighed. I wish I could go back to that day… when I was with 2-D and we… kissed. She sighed. But I know that it was a one off, he doesn’t know why he did that but he did, it felt right to him, I know it did. I just need to get him to see. She rubbed her head and finished buttoning her jacket.


Downstairs was half deserted. Even the demon wasn’t at his post, all that existed was the TV’s constant chatting and noise. There was someone else there, she could feel the presence of another person, generally male.


‘Hey D…’ Pixie recognised the ‘uh, what should I say’ groan that he made every time he didn’t expect to see her.

‘What are you doing up…’ He looked at a clock in the corner of the room, ‘It’s 5:30.’

‘I know…’ She walked over to him and stared up at his darkened eyes, always seemed to be filled with sadness every time they were together. Her head started throbbing and she could feel a migraine coming. At this point she realised how much like 2-D she had become, this made the migraine come quicker. She tried not to let it bother her but it started getting awful. She put her hand on her head and stumbled slightly, loosing her balance, 2-D was still staring at the clock until she fell. 2-D caught her and held her in his arms for a moment, when she seemed to get her balance back he let go, but she didn’t.

‘2-D, remember before?’

‘Before?’ He knew what she meant; the kiss.

‘I won’t forget.’ She said, almost breaking a tear. He smiled, without her noticing, she was still half in tears holding her hands around his waist. Then he thought, If she liked him and he liked her, then what was there to matter? Except that she was 14 and almost 15, had one of the worst histories of being beaten up, lost, found and life in general he’d ever heard of. And on top of it all, she had just been in a major fight with a near death experience.

‘2-D, I just wanted you to know…’ He looked at her, wondering what was coming. Instinct told him to crouch and it was no sooner that he did that he realised what she was going to say.

‘I love you.’ He looked up, surprised yet he knew it was coming, ‘I do.’ She persuaded. He smiled and hugged her tightly. It hurt her though, on her back, she had a massive scar that ran from her left shoulder bone to some point not far from her tailbone. It wasn’t a deep cut but it left a scar that would probably hurt every time they hugged like this. Great she thought.

‘Maybe… when I’m sixteen?’ She struggled out of his grip, still in great agony.

‘Maybe…’ It wasn’t wrong if she was sixteen and had decided to have a relationship with someone who was about thirty, which he would be by then. She let go indicating that he, too, should. He still left his hands on her waist to keep the connection. She stroked his cheek.

‘Until then?’ She asked hopefully. Now 2-D was really nervous, he knew he was attracted to her and he knew she was younger but it was too early to argue with himself like that. Good thing that when she was 16, she could do what she liked and if that meant being with him, then that was fine, he wouldn’t be in trouble so it seemed to work for him. Pixie moved her hand and smiled.

‘Maybe we could keep it secret?’

‘I guess… but I don’t know what you mean by…’

‘No, just like… hugging and maybe… kissing?’ She braved.

‘I s’posse.’

‘Then it’s okay?’

‘It just might seem a little odd, it will appear that I am without a girlfriend for a year, and after the fair and everything it might get’ she hushed him with a kiss. It was great, she could just kiss him and it would all be okay, she felt safe and she was safe but not all stories are so nice, Noodle walked in on them. They didn’t notice her. She just stood staring at them and wondering about how they seemed so perfect for each other. They stopped and looked at each other. Noodle’s curiosity got hold and forced her to hide where she could see them but they couldn’t see her. Pixie hugged 2-D just like a comfort hug. He picked her up and went to sit down by the TV. He grabbed a zombie movie and held it in front of Pixie’s face. She smiled.

‘I’m a zombie really!’ she said and bit his neck, like she was six and play pretend. He smiled and put the DVD in the player but, from the corner of his black eye, he noticed Noodle peering round. Shit he thought. Noodle was looking right at them, she was staring at Pixie, giving him a love bite, it was a silly thing to do because anyone could see that he’d been bitten and he didn’t have a girlfriend.

‘Pixie I think we have company…’ He whispered, she stopped and looked up to see Noodle. Noodle gasped and hid, Pixie slid out of 2-D’s arms and ran over to her.

‘Noodle, I…’

‘SORRY I WAS WATCHING!!!’ Pixie fell back from Noodle’s sudden scream. She cleaned one of her ears quickly and then moved back towards Noodle.

‘You’re sorry? I’m sorry that you had to see that, please don’t tell anyone?’

‘I won’t… I don’t mind I just thought it was… amazing…’ Pixie smiled at her. Noodle blushed a little before continuing.

‘I didn’t think he could go for someone this young!’

‘As young as you?’ Pixie immediately asked, Noodle didn’t answer so she ran back over to 2-D. Noodle got up and followed. They all sat down, ready to watch the movie. Noodle sat down by her mah-jong set and began putting all the pieces from her last game back in the container. Pixie sat next to 2-D and leant her head on him.


About halfway through the movie Pixie had started falling back asleep. She was still pretty tired and was a bit bored watching the movie. As far as they all knew, Murdoc and Russel were still asleep and probably wouldn’t wake up until 10. Pixie started rubbing her hand across 2-D’s stomach; she wanted to make sure he knew that she was telling the truth earlier. 2-D blushed a little. Why is she doing that? I can’t exactly kiss her, Noodle is right here. He moved a little to get comfortable again. She didn’t like it when he felt uncomfortable about her and him being together around someone who already knew they were together as well as not caring about it. Maybe he didn’t know that Noodle knew, maybe it slipped her mind, which would’ve been silly because he saw Noodle staring at them from behind the desk.


She lowered her hand a little, down to his waistline, this made him uneasy. He tried not to react to it but he started to fidget again. I wish she would stop, Noodle is still here, right in front of me… I don’t want her to see me getting turned on or nothing. I don’t think she realises what is going on, I can’t whisper, I know she’ll hear me and that’s even worse. Pixie got a bit upset by 2-D’s reaction. He didn’t seem to feel right with this. She gave up and rested her head on him, wondering if maybe he did feel right when they had kissed, either way, she couldn’t take her mind off it. Noodle was on another planet, wondering what the actual point of a zombie movie was; it only ever seemed to be gore. Her stomach rumbled a little.

‘I’m gonna get some food, Wanna come?’ She said, getting up. 2-D nodded. Pixie almost growled at the way 2-D took haste in getting out of the situation he was in. Noodle hopped off, 2-D tried to get up but Pixie jumped round onto his lap and gripped him with her legs.

‘Where are you going?’

‘Food, kitchen, Noodle, follow, see?’

‘Ugh…’ she sighed and put her head against his neck while wrapping her arms around him so that he could pick her up. He knew it wasn’t what she wanted and he knew that Russel would be up as soon as he smelt the food. I should just give her what she wants… he sighed, not that he knew what that was but he knew how to get it out of her. He stroked her hair and lightly kissed her forehead. She smiled and got off him.

‘I knew you cared!’ she smiled. At least I know he understands me now… She thought. He didn’t know what to do now; she wasn’t doing anything that second but he was really hungry. She decided to kick him out of his little bubble of vacancy. She licked his face to which he blushed and got up.

‘I’m not hungry; I’ll go to my room.’ Pixie said as he started walking towards the door. 2-D thought for a second. Yeah, as long as I don’t get put on the spot again, I don’t think I can even handle this…but she doesn’t seem to go to her room that much… she seems to avoid it a lot.

‘Pixie, do you like your room?’

‘I guess.’ She shrugged.

‘Oh…’ he braved the next though, ‘Would you like to sleep in my room tonight?’ Pixie smiled and nodded.

‘I would’ve like to every night but then that’s silly.’ She smirked, implying the amount she disliked 2-D’s ‘let’s keep it secret’ plan. He missed that bit; maybe she could stay in my room every night, then I wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable around her he thought, Probably was a good idea but as Pixie had just said; was silly because people could tell that something was going on between them. Clever. They both went to the Café, seeing as Pixie didn’t like her room, and awaited Noodle’s big breakfast feast to arrive for them.

The italics are thought.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ