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Pixie's story

Episode 13

End of a New Dawn

He heard them run in, he heard the shock from one of them. He wondered what was going on as a nurse ran out.
'What's wrong?' he said, stopping her from running any further.
'We don't know! We've never seen it before, she has, well, she has...' She couldn't continue and just ran off. The doctor soon followed and closed the door. Something hit the door from inside. The nurse returned with an army of doctors behind her, they all ran in and one of them shouted
'I have the anaesthetic!!!'
- - - - - -
She opened her eyes and looked around. There wasn't much to see. She felt sharp pains in her arm. She noted that they had got her with anaesthetic. She heard a little snort coming from beside her. 2-D was sat there fast alseep on a little chair. She reached out and ruffled his hair.
'Eh... no I don't eat beef...' She raised an eyebrow at him.
'And that was the wierdest thing you have ever said to me!'
'You what? Huh? Pixie? You're okay!' He smiled wrapping his arms around her and slightly crushing her weak body, still recovering from the anaesthetic. He let go of her a blushed a little.
'What happened last night?' He asked, pointing at a little trail of blood on the floor.
'I can't remember... except... I seem to remember having wings and fangs and wanting blood...' There was a slight pause.
'Yeah, anaesthetic has that effect on me too.' 2-D said. Pixie giggled.
2-D picked up his phone and looked at his list. He thought about calling Murdoc but maybe that was a bad idea. Noodle would take it more calmly but he wasn't sure. He gave it to Pixie.
'I think they'd want to know where you are.' She looked through the list. Damon, Derick, Danny, some people she'd never met, then she got to lmnop part. Libby, Murdoc, Noel... she looked at the phone suprised, was it Noel of oasis or someone else. She kept going and stopped suddenly. Paula. 2-D caught a glimpse of the screen display and bit his lip. Pixie looked at him as if to say 'whats this doing on here?' but she was really thinking '2-D, you strange kid'.
'I erm... forgot to delete that...' He said. Pixie laughed.
'Aw, you're cute sometimes!' she hugged him quickly.
'Sometimes?' Pixie was quick to change the subject and call Murdoc.
'Ello, what d'you want, dullard?'
'I feel so much better now that you thought i was 2-D, so now I will call Noodle and tell her how much better I'm feeling!'
'Shit, Pixie!'
'Oh thanks so much for comparing me to manure!'
'...so you're better then?'
'Good, can we 'ave our singer back then?'
'Uhm... sure...'
'GREAT!' he said, very sarcasticly before hangning up. Pixie gave the phone back to 2-D. She smiled to herself before climbing out of her hospital bed. 2-D looked at her, wondering what she was doing. She streched a little and felt her back. She could feel the scar going all the way down.
'Does it look bad?' she asked, expecting 2-D to come and have a look. Instead he just said,
'It doesn't look to bad...' she rolled her eyes and sat back down on the bed.
'Are you sure? I mean, it feels deep...' she said, again, feeling the whole scar and shaking a little from the dried blood and scabs running down it. 2-D rubbed her back to comfort her.
'How high does it go?' she quickly asked.
'Uhm... It looked pretty high...'
'How high?'
'To your shoulder?'
'You sure?'
'No... not really...'
'Well look then!' He ran his hand along the scar. It really did go from her shoulder to her waist. It wasn't that deep though, it was just a little split of serveral skin layers. He also noticed two little bruise marks set perfectly parallel. He hadn't noticed them before. Pixie yawned a little.
'Are you tired?' 2-D asked.
'Yeah, a little...' She climbed across the bed and onto 2-D's lap. She huddled up to him and closed her eyes, pretending to fall straight asleep.
A while later there was a knock at the door before it swung open. A nurse walked in a saw 2-D and Pixie huddled together. She tapped 2-D, trying to avoid waking up the sleeping patient. 2-D opened his eyes and looked up.
'I'm afraid you'll have to go home for a while, we need to check on her condition and we might be able to send her home tonight.' he nodded and put Pixie on the bed before leaving the room. The nurse woke Pixie up and asked her how she was feeling.
'Where's 2-D?'
'Stuart... the guy I with...'
'Oh, he had to go, you might be able to go with him later but we need to do some tests first.'
'Oh... okay...'
'Can you walk?'
'Is your back hurting?'
'Nope, just feels funny when I touch it.'
'Then we can do some tests for infections and we'll be done!' And it really didn't take longer than an hour.
Pixie was told to ring someone to take her home. She called 2-D straight away.
'You out already?' He said, noticing that it was the hospital ringing and Pixie's voice saying hello.
'Yep! Can you come and pick me up!?'
'I'll get Murdoc to get you, he's banned me from driving since I reversed into a wall before even leaving the car park!'
'Yeah, I don't think he liked that!' She laughed.
'He'll be there in a little while!' he said. Pixie hung up and sat in the waiting room. She had gotten changed into her lovely ripped tank-top. This was helpfull because not only did it have a huge rip in it, but it was also short so it was obvious that she had a scar going down her back. It was also purple now that the blue dye of the clothing had mixed with the blood. She tried to just grin and bare it for a while.
- - - - - -
Eventually Murdoc came to pick her up, when she got back, Noodle had prepared a little feast for her. The doctor had asked that someone keep an eye on her at all times in case they missed something during the scans. 2-D asked to look after her, so she stayed in his bedroom for the remainder of the week. By the end of the week she was no longer sleeping n a floor matress, but instead, with him.
-lucky they were wearing clothes!
End of series one

AW! It's over! Thanks everyone for reading my story, please feel free to post comments from the front page and in my guestbook! Series 2 coming later this month!

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ