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Pixie's story

Episode 12


'Nah, I got nothin' Pixie put down a few mah-Jong cards and got up, 'You win... again...' Noodle smiled and took 5 from the table.
'I'm not wasting anymore, I have a keyboard to buy you know!'
'Yes, don't worry, I'm bored of playing this now...' Noodle said, she stopped and thought for a moment, 'I'm going to go and party!' She leapt away leaving Pixie to tidy up the mess of Gorillaz-styled mah-jong bits.
'Hey, I got you something!' Murdoc said, coming into the lobby. He held up a sack. Pixie raised an eyebrow.
'Yeah... uhm, is it a cat?' He threw it on the ground and a little pink-haired vampire popped out.
'I thought I left this place!' He shouted. Murdoc walked back out
'Man of little words...' Pixie said. Drack looked at her and jumped up.
'Why did you bring me here!?'
'I wanted to talk to you!' He growled at her as she finished saying this.
'I said I didn't want to come back!'
'Hey... what's wrong?'
'They do?'
'It's a natural insinct!'
'Yes...' his eyes went slightly red and his wings stretched out like a desert lizard preparing for a fight. Pixie stepped back a little, she looked up at her calender hanging on the wall. Tonight was full moon, and her doom. He jumped at her and knocked her flying into a wall.
'Drack, quit it!' She said, wiping her nose from a little bit of blood. He took no notice and jumped over her, kicking her in the back. She tryed to get back up off the wall but drack stood on her back, stopping her.
'Let... me... go!' she whined, he stamped on her before jumping off again. She got up as quickly as she could and tryed to escape the room. Drack was stood still, listening to the room and to Pixie trying to escape. He flew up and clung to the ceiling.
'Drack... where did you?' he dropped down and bit her on the neck,'Argh!' She fell onto her knees, rubbing her neck gently as Drack ran to grab a katana that Noodle had left on the floor. A tear dropped down Pixie's face as she started feeling the pain from her cuts, bruises and bites.
'Your end has come!' Drack growled. he charged at her with the katana and sliced down her back. Murdoc ran in at that point, hearing Pixie's screams. 2-D was closely behind him.
'Your work is done, Drack, leave here!' he shouted before Drack could do anymore harm. He vanished from the spot, Pixie was just sat, not doing much at all.
'Pixie, are you okay?' 2-D said, about to run over to her. She collapsed.
'I'm gonna get some medical stuff, we might wanna call an abulance...' Murdoc said, running in the other direction, 'bloody kid, it's gonna cost alot to clean up the stains...' He stopped for a second. A slight feeling came to him, a farther like feeling.
'I hope she's okay too.' He said to himself.
'Pixie, please wake up...' 2-D brought her upright in hope that she'd come to, 'You have to be okay, you've never done anything to diserve this...' he grabbed a mobile phone and called an abulance. Murdoc came in with some 'disinfectant for deep wounds' and started putting it on Pixie's back. The slash had gone right from her shoulder to her waist and it was quite deep. 2-D put down the phone.
'Is she going to be okay?'
'It's not to bad, she'll live but this needs treating.'
'I knew you were right when you said you were now Dr. Nicalls!' Noodle said, running over to help him treat Pixie.
The ambulance arrived in no time at all and took her to the hospital. 2-D, Murdoc and Noodle waited in the reception for them to be given the all clear. Noodle didn't know what to think, she hoped that Murdoc was right with what he had said. 2-D wasn't think of much. He wasn't thinking anything to be correct, he figured that it would be best not to worry himself. Murdoc lit up a cigarette.
'You can't smoke in here, sir.' One of the receptionist said. He put it out as soon as he saw her.
'Whatever you say, hehehehe...' 2-D got up and walked down the corridor. No-one tried to stop him, they were all to busy giving him second or even thrid looks and whispering 'He's 2-D from Gorillaz'. He got to the room Pixie was in and stood by the door. One of the doctors didn't recognise him.
'Sir, you can't go in there ye...' A siren went off from inside, a door behind swung open and one of the nurses looked at the doctor who had just spoken to 2-D.
'We might need you in there, thats her heart rate.' She said, 2-D grabbed her shoulder.
'What's happened?' The nurse shook her head.
'No pulse.' She said, opening the door and going in. 2-D put his head on the door to listen to what they said.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ