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Pixie's story
Episode 11


'Why are you leaving? Why can't you stay!?' Pixie pleaded.
'I have better things to do then stay somewhere where I am no longer needed...' Drack said, trying to stuggle from Pixie's grasp.
'Look, Fade was the only reason I was here'
'2-D.' Pixie interupted.
'You took him though, didn't you?' Pixie let go of him.
'If you want to go, do, but you're still welcome here...' Drack wiped a tear from his face and walked away.
'I still like you...' Pixie said softly, one last try, if he wouldn't stay then that would be it, 'I wish Fade were still here...' She passed out. Drack turned around to see her lying on the floor.
'PIXIE!' he grabbed her.
'ACK! Ewww, that's twice already...' someone said behind him, a familiar voice. Drack turned around and saw someone he didn't expect. It was a girl, long red hair moulded into several spikes.
'Heya Drack!'
'I thought you'd...'
'Yeah, and how annoying is this taste of dead rodent in your mouth?' Fade spat to show how badly it tasted.
'How are you... how can I see you?'
'I think Pixie is projecting me somehow... used alot of her energy though.'
'Oh... I guess I should go now then...'
'Yes, I'm leaving here, I decided that there was no point staying here now that you'd... uhm, gone.' Fade grabbed him and pulled him up to her height.
'I... don't want to be here anymore, I have nothing much to do...' Fade dropped him, he flew lightly over to the door, took one last look at Fade, and left.
'How did... that... huh?' Pixie mumbled, trying to get up. She looked at Fade.
'Oh not that dream again...'
'This... isn't a dream?'
'No, you're projecting me somehow, so I can talk to you!'
'PIXIE, WHERE DID YOU GO!?' 2-D shouted, Pixie turned around and lost her concentration, Fade vanished.
'I'm in here 2-D!' He walked in and smiled at her.
'Come on, time for some food I think.'
A while later Pixie was sat in Murdoc's Winnebago, she told him what had happened.
'Are you sure?'
'Really, projecting she said!' Pixie said proudly.
'Hmmm... try concentrating, you can try and bring her back.' Pixie nodded and closed her eyes. There were a few flashes and then a big spark of light, Fade was stood there just staring.
'I swear I was walking down an alley just now...'
'Fade!?' Murdoc got up.
'Murdoc... Hi!'
'It is you, Pixie is summoning you!'
'I guess so...' Fade backed off a little as Murdoc reached for her.
'Ragamuffin... why are you...?'
'Murdoc, I can't get to attatched, I won't be able to just come like this just to see you... Pixie has to be near for one thing, and look at her' Pixie was concentrating as much as she could, it was using most of her energy to keep Fade there, 'It's doing alot of damage...'
'I'm sorry.'
'Pixie, keep her there, PLEASE!!' Pixie smiled, Murdoc really didn't want her to go, he even said please. She focused fully and tried to prevent Fade from vanishing. There was another massive flash and Fade vanished, Pixie fainted again.
'Shit...' Murdoc sat down, 2-D knocked on the door, 'What?' He came in and saw Pixie on the floor. He rushed to pick her up, Murdoc rolled his eyes.
'What did you do to her?'
'Just asked her to do a little summoning...'
'She can summon the dead, very useful for speaking to Fade.'
'She's a necromancer!?' 2-D dropped her.
'Ow...' she opened her eyes.
'No, dullard, she can project their spirits.'
'You guys talking about me?' Pixie tried to get up, 'I think I'm gonna die...' 2-D caught her as she fell.
'Can you do me a favour, oh great god of evil...' She mumbled.
'What?' Murdoc gowled.
'I want Drack back, can you do another ritual thing so that I can talk to him?'
'Summon Drack to talk to you, fine...' 2-D shook his head and took Pixie to his room.
'I'm going to have to look after you for a while, I don't have a clue what he did...'

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ