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Pixie's story
Episode 9


Pixie was fast asleep for most of the morning. When she did wake up, she wasn't in her room, nor 2-D's... not even Noodle's. She was... well she didn't know. A graveyard? But not like the one outside Kong.
'Hi there!' Someone shouted.
'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!' Pixie jumped up screeming.
'Wow, girl, calm down' Pixie slowly turned around, it was Del.
'Okay... didn't you go to the afterlife or whatever?'
'Yes, but your comunicating with the dead'
'Okay, freaky dream!' And no sooner did she say, then she woke up. Really woke up, in her bedroom. It was about 11am, she'd missed breakfast.
'That really was a wierd dream...' The was a crash downstairs.
'You idiot!' Someone shouted, 'Now how am I suppose to get home!?'
'I'm sorry, I didn't know that it was a, er...' The other voice was 2-D... but the shouting person was a girl...
'A SQUATTERS CARD, allows me access to my home, now, WILL YOU KINDLY TAKE ME TO PIXIE!?'
'She is asleep...' 2-D trembled.
'I was' Pixie walked into the kitchen, where 2-D and Louise were. Louise had been her friend in the squatters hut, she was a Vampire, like Drack...
'Pixie! Where the hell have you been!? We found your bloody monkey!'
'Yes! He was hit by a truck!'
'Hit by a.... TRUCK!?'
'Yes, he was standing in the middle of the road and a truck hit him'
'Oh my god! Is he okay!?'
'He... is?'
'That's the thing, I don't think he's a monkey!'
'What is he then?'
'I think he's a human!' Norm came in, just like he always had... only he had a little more to say.
'Ooookay then, Pixie, I'll leave you to this...' 2-D backed off
'Got it' Pixie replied.
A little later on, Pixie was in her room with Louise and Norm.
'So you are a ware-monkey!?'
'A bit like that, but I must leave you, I am sorry Pixie' Norm said.
'It's okay... I think I understand... but you never used to talk so much!'
'When the truck hit me I remembered, all I have to do is return the black ribbon I stole, it has a curse on it you see'
'And if you return it you will become human?'
'I'm not entirely human, I am of the Monkey tribe, humans will as many abilities as both humans and monkeys'
'I've heard of them, we believed they were extinced' Louise said. Norm has always has a little black ribbon wrapped around his tail, so now the pieces were fitting together.
'Well, I suppose I should go, I will see you again one day Pixie' Pixie nodded and waved as he went out of the window and ran out the gate.
'Lou... Lou... ISE!?' Drack had just walked in the door, Pixie and Louise turned around to see him.
'WHAT THE HELL!?' Pixie screamed.
'What are you doing in a dump like this? Aren't you suppose to be hunting and setting a good example for you soon-to-be kingdom?' Louise said, half sarcasticly.
'I don't want to do any of that, I wish to continue science, you understand that don't you?' Drack demanded.
'So you guys know each other?' Pixie interupted.
'Yes, he was Mr. Transilvania and I was Miss'
'But isn't Drack... uhm... a guy liker?' Louise laughed.
'However you may say it, I didn;t like it, my father just couldn't understand!'
'Yes, he would've prefered it if there was no miss but he couldn't help it. It was much like a wedding reception, we had to have photo's taken and a big cake and everything, only thing was, we were just reprisenting Transilvania, we weren't really getting married'
'We still had to hold hands...' Drack muttered. Pixie sat on her bed, Louise gave Drack an evil glance and then came over to Pixie.
'Have you still got your Squatter card?'
'Seeing as you have a home, and 2-D maneged to loose mine, can I use yours?'
'Sure' Pixie gave Louise the Card, she went over to the open window.
'So long Drack, I'll have to visit but I've spent enough time here already!' She flew out the window.
'Mr and Miss Transilvania?' Pixie said, trying to hold in her laughter. Drack rolled his eyes and walked off. Just after the door closed Pixie burst out laughing. 'Man... I have the wierdest "Family" ever! A sister who is Japanese, a gardian who is on drugs and into porn...' Pixie paused and laughed a little to herself, 'An uncle that is from America and has had a spirit taken out of him, an older sister who seems to pass out every five minutes, a brother who is a vampire and is also... gay... and a, uhm...' She didn't know what to say about 2-D... boyfriend? She nodded to herself, whether it was a fantasy or the real thing, he was her boyfriend in her mind.
'Boyfriend' she finnished, 'who is the best that could ever be' She got out a sketch book and found a picture she had previously draw of all of them, she wrote undernethe 'Family'

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Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ