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Pixie's story
Episode 8

Drack and Fade

Such alot had happened in the last couple of weeks. No more kissing or love though, infact Pixie hardly saw much of 2-D, Murdoc or Russel. She stayed within the top floor and seemed to miss Russel everytime he came out of his room. She would visit Noodle alot and also Fade. Drack visited her and Fade occasionally. Pixie was a bit more left out from everyone's life... She didn't help herself. She locked herself in her room listening to the same 2 songs over and over. She would sing it as well. There was a mixed balance between the two.
Mix 2 & People... When she played People she felt safe and energetic, like she could jump out the window and be okay. When she played Mix 2 she would often cry... old memories... squatters shack. There was another song she often played aswell, 911.

She had no diary but she would talk to someone like they were a diary. Norm. He had returned only recently and would listen to the things she would say. She was talking to him today about how she felt while listening to 911.
'I don't know. It's strange isn't it? Drack and Fade, two mysterius characters and I bet they have a good story to tell... something is up with Fade though... sigh. During 9/11 something happened... I think my parents died, They were in New York that day, it was after I had run away. I told them I was in New York and when I saw their reply e-mail... They would be in New York on the 11th of September. They told me to meet them by one of the twin towers. I never found out what happened to them...'
'Gnaw man...' Pixie got up and went over to her stereo and turned the volume up to max. She sat in the center of the room meditating.
'We are one and one is all...' She sighed. Norm ran off to let her be. The track changed. People came on. Pixie got up and turned off the stereo and ran out into the hall. She ran towards the lift, at that point Fade was coming out of her room and Pixie, being a clutz, couldn't stop in time.
'Don't worry about it...'
'Fade, are, are, are you okay?'
'Yes... fine' Fade was holding her head.
'Man, you look like 2-D when he has a migrane...' Fade smiled. Pixie thought for a moment. Maybe Fade was having a migrane... maybe there was something wrong with her. Pixie walked over to the lift and pressed Basment.

She went into 2-D's room, wich was open, and looked around. 2-D's PC was on. His e-mail was activated too.
'Guess he's been reading his mail' He had been, his old mail. Pixie looked at the one from CS. She'd seen something about 'CS' before.
'CS... where is that from? Some kind of charity? Charity Support?? Char... Cha... CHILD SUPPORT!?' Pixie read it through and through, checking that maybe it was a midstake. She burst out into tears.
'How could he not have told me? Why would he... I... I just...'
'I suppose I should have said something...' She turned around and saw 2-D standing behind her.
'No...' She got up and ran to the other side of the room, 'Your just some wierd groupie freak that I don't know, yeah, I don't know you...'
'I'm... 2-D...'
'YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH!?' Pixie shivered with fright, she'd never heard 2-D atually shout before.
'Stu-pot' He grunted.
'Stu... 2-D. I've never been as far as Crawley before'
'You don't want to go there, it's a crap place full of crap geeks like me'
'You're not a geek!' Drack apeared at the door panting, 'Drack, what's up?'
'Fade...' He panted.
'She collapsed!'
'SHE WHAT!?' Drack ran, Pixie began to follow and then stopped. She looked at 2-D who had now slumped onto his bed.
'2-D you should send a bit more than gifts from a band that you're in!' She smiled. 2-D sort of smiled, he got up and grabbed Pixie's hand. They both ran to Fade. She was just lying there like she had passed out. Murdoc was hanging over her trying to wake her up.
'Murdoc what happened?' Pixie asked, letting go of 2-D's hand before they noticed.
'Normally she has a reason to collapse but this time I, err... don't know...'
'Murdoc, she breathing?' 2-D asked.
'Yes Dullard, she is but barely'
'Does anyone know why she might have collapsed like this?' Noodle asked.
'She had a, err, headache today' Pixie answered.
'Migrane...' Dracked sighed, 'She's had them before, this must've been a heavy one. Maybe I should X-ray her...' Fade came to.
'BLOODY HELL!' She shouted.
'Fade, are you okay?'
'Yeh, just fancied a nap, Pixie.' She got up and went over to her, 'I PASSED OUT!'
'Okay... geez...'
'God Fade, you've been getting worst every day...' Drack said.
'Really, I am fine, it's just a flu or something...' but she didn't sound so sure. Murdoc took Fade to his Winnebago, Noodle, Drack and Russel went somewhere else. Pixie followed 2-D.
'Hey, guess what!' Pixie yelled at 2-D as they walked into his room.
'Err... Your atually my age but you look small?' 2-D said with his fingers crossed. Pixie giggled.
'I have an idea to solve you Child Support problems!'
'Oh... ok'
'How about we visit each of the girls and you can butter them up so that they write to child support to ask them to stop asking you for money!?'
'Err, how about, no?'
'Why not?'
'I'm not going to see any of them'
'You should at least pay some attention, you are a father!'
'I try not to think about those sorts of things' 2-D said, picking up Pixie.
'Well, whatever' Pixie sighed and relaxed, if he didn't want to visit any of his kids, then he didn't have to.

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Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ