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Pixie's story
Episode 7


Pixie woke up that morning very early. She was in 2-D's room on a matress in her sleeping bag on the floor. 2-D was in his bed, fast asleep. Pixie walked over to him. 2-D woke up, she carried on walking towards him.
'2-D I...' She tripped over and ended up staring a Dog in the face. (SBONK!)
'It's a Dog and don't worry it doesn't do much, I think it's gonna die soon'
'Ooooookay...' She got back up, 'Uhm, I was going to ask you something'
'I was going to ask you something'
'Oh, right' Pixie sat next to him and held his hand.
'I feel sick'
'Do you have a cold from before?'
'Maybe...' 2-D hugged her.
'Don't worry' Pixie yawned and sort of fell asleep in his arms, only she wasn't asleep, she was just pretending. 2-D moved over and laid her down. He got up and hunted down some trousers.
'I love you' Pixie said. 2-D stopped what he was doing and just froze.
'You know I do, I don't care how old you may be or how you may feel' 2-D got upright, Pixie walked over to him and put the doll in his hand.
'Did you make this?'
'No, Murdoc did... He used it as a Voodoo thing, when I got it back, it had a rip on it's cheek... like you' 2-D saw that she had repaired it.
'Pixie, what I said about if you were older... well your going to be 15 in October and then you'll be 16 next year. You aren't too young, you're just a little younger than 16'
'I know that, I can count' Pixie hugged him. He lifted her up to his hieght. She kissed him on the cheek, he blushed.

They went for breakfast, strangly, all together. Noodle was eating dried Noodles... again, Murdoc was eating something that Fade had cooked... or something sent from hell anyway. Fade was eating toast, Drack had also come along, he wasn't eating, just coming along and Russel was eating a full english breakfast plus a full americian and a full chinese take away. 2-D and Pixie were eating cereal.
'So he told me I was an idiot' Murdoc finished, 'And that, Noodle, is why you don't kiss up to your dinner ladies'
'Literally' Pixie added.
'That is gross!' Noodle bit her lip, 'I don't think I can eat any more...'
'I'll have some then!' Pixie reached for her food.
'On second thoughts!' Noodle carried on eating. Pixie frowned.

Most of them had finished their food now, except Russel, and were getting ready. Pixie had got first turn in the bathroom so she was first ready, except Murdoc who didn't feel the need to wash, and now she was helping 2-D find his 'Shoot to Ill' T-shirt.
'Why do you throw your clothes everywhere anyway?'
'I try not to...'
'Well I found a shoe'
'I was looking for that!' 2-D went to get it, 'Ah...'
'I'm not wearing any socks...'
'Do you need them?'
'At least one' Pixie trew a sock at him, just one. He got up to a pillow in the face.
'2-D look where your pillow was' His shirt had been under his pillow.
'Oh' Pixie giggled. She took the shirt to 2-D. He went to take it from her but she moved it away.
'I dunno if I should give it to you...' She smirked.
'Err...' Pixie ran onto the bed, 2-D followed, Pixie was now about 2-D's height, probobley taller but she never stood up straight. She moved up to him and peared into his eyes.
'Please?' She begged cutely. 2-D sighed. She put her arms around him and smiled. They kissed. It wasn't anything intermate or anything special, just a kiss. 2-D was the first to back off. Pixie looked at him and took her arms away. She laughed a bit but then remained silent. 2-D looked down.
'Keep this a secret...'
'Easy' Pixie gave him his shirt and jumped down from the bed. 2-D came over to her once again, this time fully dressed.
'Your a sparky little monster' He joked.
'And your a good kisser' Pixie smiled, 2-D went pink.


Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ