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Pixie's story
Episode 6


'Oh my GOD! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?' Noodle screamed. Pixie was wearing her tank top, unfortunatly showing her massive bruise from the bus shelter epidemic.
'Ah, that would be a knuckle buster bruise, you like it?'
'What happened?'
'Eh, some guy tried to rape me, I didn't like the idea so he punched me'
'Well looks like you and Fade have something in common' Murdoc snickered.
'I think he was high... Where is Fade today?'
'In her room' Pixie walked off.

Fade was sat in her room thinking. Just thinking about things. She heard Pixie come in and looked up.
'What happened?'
'Sigh, someone tried to rape me, I refused, He hit me'
'I know how that feels'
'Murdoc said'
'He did?'
'Bloody hell' Pixie sat next to her. She had her diary in her hands. Pixie looked at it and remembered her diary... she'd left it back in the squatters hut.
'Oh, I have something of yours...' Pixie looked up, Fade was holding out Murdoc's little Voodoo 2-D doll. Pixie smiled.
'Thanks' There was a tear in it's left cheek. Pixie remembered when he came over to her, he had a scratch on his left cheek. She got up.
'I'm gonna go and fix it, 'k?'

Pixie went into her room and grabbed some thread. She started to stitch it up and slowly, bit by bit she started to feel better. She looked at the doll and hugged it.
'I'll never let you go' She thought. She ran down to 2-D's room and knocked on his door.
'It's me!' He opened the door, only wearing his trousers. Pixie hugged him.
'Thank you so much!'
'For what?'
'EVERYTHING!' He smiled at her energy and slight... sillyness. He bent down to her hight and looked at her.
'Your cheek...' Pixie noticed, 'It's better...' 2-D rubbed his cheek.
'So it is' Pixie hugged him again, this time he hugged back.
'I don't wanna sleep in my room tonight, Norm isn't there... I don't feel safe' 2-D laughed a little.
'Okay, get a sleeping bag, I'll set up a matress or something'

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ