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Pixie's story
Episode 5


They were playing Mix 2 in the hut that night. One of Pixie's favorite Gorillaz songs. She began to cry, on her own, in the corner. She didn't really know anyone there so no one comforted her. Louise was one of her friends but louise was a self service girl. So she said. Pixie got out the note with 2-D's number on it. She also grabbed the tip, as she walked outside. She put some money in one of the phone boxes.
'Hello? 2-D?'
'Have you changed your mind then?'
'Pick me up when you can, I'll be outside the bus station, you know the one, outside the Noodle bar'
'See ya then!' She put down the phone before he could say anything else, and before he could hear her crying.

It was about 2am when Pixie got to the Bus shelter. She sat down, another figure seemed to have arrived at the same time. It went to sit next to her, it was male, about 17 and probobley high. He put his arm round her.
'Get off of me'
'Aw, come on babe'
'Go away, you're obviously not in a good way so why don't you go home?'
'Oh you little bitch' He punched her in the stumach, he was wearing knuckle breakers too. When 2-D and Murdoc arrived she was lying on the ground, the rain was hitting her hard.
'Oh, gosh' 2-D scrambled out of the car and went over to her.
'ergh, you can fuck of as well'
'What the hell happened'
'I don't bloody care' 2-D looked at her, she was blue in the face and was holding her stomach. He picked her up and put her in the jeep. Murdoc shook his head.
'I told you that she'd be trouble'
'She just needs to trust people again'
'Whatever you say D' 2-D looked round to see how Pixie was doing in the back.
'Pixie?' She didn't move, she bearly looked like she was breathing.
'Give it a rest, she'll be fine, it only took us ten minutes to get here so she couldn't have been out there too long. She has probobley got a cold.' 2-D sighed.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ