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Pixie's story
Episode 4

Rise of the Zombies

Pixie was totally spaced out that morning. She had been living back on the street for a while now, she'd just been traveling around, she'd maneged to find a lovely little place to live. It was a squatters hut, there was about 20 people in a space about the size of a bedroom.
'Your turn to get the food Pixie.' Louise said as Pixie opened the door.
'Don't worry, I'll drop by the Noodle bar, 'K?'
'Whatever' Pixie closed the door and thought. Noodle. She shook her head and walked down the road. Norm had gone missing on the day she arrived in the small Essex town, he hadn't arrived since.

She walking into the Noodle bar and approached the counter.
'I ain't got any money so I'll make a deal with ya' The man at the counter looked at her. He was used to the squatters making deals with him.
'Twen'ey bowls of Noodles for twen'ey minutes dish washing'
'Sorry kid, 20 orders for 20 minutes of waitering'
'Do I look like I care!? Just have the food delivered for when I'm done' Pixie walked off and got changed into the waitress clothing.

10 minutes had past and Pixie was already in trouble. Noodle, 2-D and Russell had just walked in the door and were queuing for a table. Pixie walked over to them.
'You can have table 12, follow me' They looked at each other. 2-D went over and tapped her on the shoulder.
'Pixie I...'
'Oh, that's right, you want table 23, in that case it's over there' Pixie pointed, 'Make yourselves comfortable and I'll bring the menus' They sat down. Pixie collected the menu's and brought it to them.
'It is traditional to tip your waitress after a meal, for someone who lives in a hut with twen'ey...' She paused and took a breathe.
'Twenty other people, it would be of greater appreciation.'
'Twenty other people?' Noodle looked at her.

By the end of Pixie's 20 minutes 2-D, Noodle and Russel had finished their meal. She went to collect the bill. There was the bill, the money a 5 tip and a note. She read it on her way back to the shack.
'If you change your mind...' It read, it had 2-D's phone number under it. Pixie opened her bag and got out her 'Zombie' dress.
'Rise of the zombies' she thought.

Writen by Pixie, characters from cartoon band; Gorillaz + some of my own. I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ